Charlie and Emma Chapter Four

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The continuation of Charlie and Emma.
Erin keeps all secrets and all comments to herself. Or at least she tries to around her new boss. She can't keep herself from looking perfect in front of her boss, or her ex-best friend. Loss and betrayal lies past them and burdens them since then. What happened, and what will happen?

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013




I'm an assistant to Seth, I did want to become an accountant but I was recently layed off and jobs were unbelievably hard to find. So I'm stuck as an assistant, a low payed, stingy, yet available job from a man that hates me.

It was about time my workshift was over and I was ready packing to head home. Henry, one of my coworkers popped up by me "Hey, how was it today in there?" He gave me his crooked smile. Henry is thirty also, same hight , we exchange problems, and talk whenever we can. He is handsome, but all I can ever see him was a close friend, and relieved, he does too.

I smiled brightly "Not as bad as I thought, but he should just fire me already, this is my fifth time messing up."

"Maybe he doesn't want to get rid of you" He teased me. I grinned slightly and gave him a nudge "Funny guy" I mumbled. Henry knew my secret and my past. We just never talk about it, but we joke about it.

We laughed together for a moment, just when i heard his voice.

"Slacking off on the job?" Seth leaned by his door "You won't in a few minutes. You're doing second shift."

Me and henry looked at each other and back at him "I'm sorry sir I cant do that" I said almost as a whisper

Seth took a step closer, having Henry go back a little "You're doing second shift, whether you like it or not. Got that Flin?"

Henry spoke "I'll take over for her, she's busy tonight." Henry was standing in front of Seth but he was the same hight as me. So Henrey was up to Seth's chest.

Seth's jaw clenched together and said "How would you know?"

"I'm her close friend, I should know "

It wasn't just me, but you could just feel the hate coming from Seth, and all i could do was look down.

"Then so be it. Erin, next time if I see you slacking off, you'll have third shift. Got that?" He glared at me.

"Yes sir!"

Seth left into his office and Henry put a hand on my shoulder "Take it easy."

"Thank you ... so much..." I said hoarsly to him in a whisper.

I went home taking a bus, and went into my small apartment.

And I saw my light, my all, and everything

"Did you have a good day with Miss Cooper, Charlie?" I said to him as I waved back to her as she left.

"Yes! We play all day and she brang me trains and toys!" he exploded with joy.

"Brought you toys? Wow! next time I'll bring you toys!" I giggled with him.

"And Daddy too?" He asked brightly. My heart just sank.


My secret and my past weigh my shoulders. Charlie is my 4 year old son.

Seth is the father.

(To be continued...)

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