Charlie and Emma Chapter Seven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The continuation of Charlie and Emma.
Erin keeps all secrets and all comments to herself. Or at least she tries to around her new boss. She can't keep herself from looking perfect in front of her boss, or her ex-best friend. Loss and betrayal lies past them and burdens them since then. What happened, and what will happen?

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



(Warning: Mild language)

Henry texted that he was waiting outside for me. He was going to the ball as well, and was fine with picking me up and dropping me off.

"Have a nice time Mama" Charlie gave me a smooch on my cheek "You look purty!"

"Awww thank you my little man!" I gave him a kiss back. The nanny gave me her tired smile "Are you sure you're Erin? I don't remember Erin having a billion dollar face and body"

"Thanks for the tease" I blushed and laughed. I waved goodbye to them and closed the doors.

I walked awkwardly down the stairs heading towards the door. The slight chill went down my back as i felt the breeze fall on my bare legs and shoulders. My hair was set up elegantly in braids and the dress fell perfectly to my body shape, but it bothered me. Seth never asked for my size.

I walked out the apartment building and my eyes met Henry's.

"You have got to be kidding me." He sighed "You have got to be fucking kidding me Erin"

I stepped back a little "What did I do?" I asked, hiding behind my white shawl.

"You looked like this for these past 4 months?" He asked in slight irritation "And to think that you didn't have a body!"

I blushed and blurted "Gosh Henry what!?" He laughed in delight "My God Erin, you are something" He opened the passenger car "Time to meet Prince charming"

I slapped his shoulder "I hope you mean the food table" and sat in the passenger seat.


After the car drive, we handed our invitations to enter the ballroom. The workers took my shawl and Henry's jacket and Henry looked at me worriedly and whispered "This is bad."

I suddenly got nervous as whispered back "...Why?" He leaned in closer and grinned "I'm causing trouble by having a certain someone heading this way."

I looked passed him and saw Seth heading towards us. He was magnificent, and you could tell that all the ladies has a vibe for him.

Henry gave me a huge grin "Have fun" and left. He left just in time to have Seth tower over me.

My face felt hot and we just looked at each other, I don't know for how long, but long enough to have some stares.

He covered his face in his palm "God!" He quickly put his arm over me and his hand on my hip, we started walking swiftly "Seth!" I choked out and jumped by his touch. He cursed under his breath "Damnit Erin! You're causing puddles of drool! How the hell am I suppose to focus now that I have you around me!?"

We stopped walking

He gripped my hip for a while, causing  me to clutch my hand purse and his other hand.

The awkwardness of our hands placed on each other was extremely exciting. We didn't move in a while, having our silent pauses.

He abruptly let go  "I'll get your shawl." He spoke and left.



(To be continued...)

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