Charlie and Emma Chapter Thirteen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The continuation of Charlie and Emma.
Erin keeps all secrets and all comments to herself. Or at least she tries to around her new boss. She can't keep herself from looking perfect in front of her boss, or her ex-best friend. Loss and betrayal lies past them and burdens them since then. What happened, and what will happen?

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



Hey, just to warn you ._. This has some scenes not appropriate for children. Nothing Nasty, just embarrassing for me to write and read and admit the scenes in the story -_-lll I'm sorry if I disgust you or something (but I'm not for writing it ._.)


I think I almost fell asleep by the minute I heard Seth's footsteps. I immediately sat up properly, having a yawn with a little stretch.

"Tired?" He asked as he sat down, a few feet away from me. "A bit I suppose..." I replied quietly.

He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. He looked down and glanced to me "About earlier," I felt my heart jump a little "Charlie said something that really bothered me."

I turned my head to hide the view of my cheeks, I hate myself myself so much for thinking about the kiss! But Charlie did yell something drastic. Charlie never had a man to look up to. This was the first man Charlie ever encountered,

"Please look at me," I didn't, but he spoke again "Where is Charlie's father?"

I couldn't bare the thought of telling him. There are too much possibilities of the wrong that could happen. If I told him, would he laugh? What scares me if he wouldn't care, but I couldn't imagine all the reactions that would happen.

I answered as I felt a bit tense "I told you the Father is Henry."

"No. Henry has light brown hair, as well as you have auburn hair. Charlie has black wavy hair," My toes curled furiously as I heard him state the facts, I slightly turned my head and retracted immediately. I felt some tears fall down "Please don't lie to me"

I really don't want to.

Sometimes, I really wish why I make up such stupid lies.

"I don't know. I was drunk and got pregnant."


I saw his eyes stretch and he looked like a beautiful statue. "You're lying"

I quickly wiped my face dry and turned to look at him "It's true. After I left town, I got pregnant. I don't know who the father is."

"You never drink"

"It's been years, you don't know me like you use to."

He unexpectedly gave a little chuckle "Its funny," His grey eyes placed on mine "I feel like you haven't changed."

He started moving closer to me, I moved back abruptly "Wait a minute, what do you think you're doi-"

"I know you better than you think" He lazily whispered in my ear "I know when you are lying."

I blushed and tried to push him back "This is very wrong"

"How? You seem to like it-"

"N-No!" I think I answered too quickly for him to believe me.

He was hovering over my body on the coach, he asked "Will you tell me?"

"I...I..." I started out nervously and finished "...told you I don't know who the father is..."

I saw a little frown form on his face but he stopped and layed closer than we should be. "Then I don't have to worry about him do I now?"

I felt myself get hot when he started to nuzzle my neck. He startlingly kissed me lightly "Do you know how regretful I am.." He finished "losing you when you left?"

Before he could get anything more from me I got a little push to him "You got it wrong..."

"How can I misunderstand myself, when you don't know how I feel?"

I quickly blurted out "Oh I think I can clearly know how you're feeling right now!" I unintentionally lifted my leg.

Aw shit! Did I just do that!?

I looked at him nervously in the eyes and he had a little smirk on his face. Oh please God no, I know that smirk.

He kissed me again as I tried to resist. I think I did a lazy job at that because I really didn't to stop. But what's making me stop him? I gasped for air "T-too long!"

He laughed hysterically and sat up beside me, separating the skin ship between us "That's barely even too long!" He was enjoying my comment, I felt tremendously embarrassed "I'm not use to it!" I said coldly. He stopped laughing and eyed me charmingly

"You better though"


"No way! Don't you dare walk out here Seth!" I threatened him, pulling his arm. "You want me to stay?" He smirked. I pulled him back in the apartment "That is not what I meant!" I tried to keep my voice low as possible, but the remark he made got me nervous since it was true.

"You are not allowed to come back here!' I started "Especially not going to take care of me either!"

He stepped closer to me "But Charlie won't like that won't he? He'll miss me." He added "And you will too"

"So definitely not!" I retorted, my face went red by the second. "Whatever you say, but I'm still coming over." He said as he got ready to go.

"Why are you doing this to me? I'm a grown woman and I don't need you!"

The words I don't need you made myself gasp inside. I didn't mean it, I really didn't. I really do need you, I want you to stay.

I think the words got to him also. He stopped his movement and turned around to me. His eyes grew dark and looking up at him he said gruffly

"But I need you."

I started at him wide-eyed. He kissed the top of my head and headed out the door. After a few seconds, I heard his last comment "See you tomorrow."

I closed the door and went slowly on my knees. I wish I heard that one more time, I'm not sure if I did hear the right words but I'm pretty sure it was after 'See you tomorrow...'

"Miss Risston"


(To be continued...)



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