The absolutely true story of Mickey the Mouse

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A princess gets trapped in a tower and falls in love. Her son is destined to change the world but you'll never guess how

Submitted: July 13, 2015

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Submitted: July 13, 2015



Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Sabrina. Sabrina was known as one of the smartest girls in the kingdom. He mother, the queen, was super proud of her daughter. When Sabrina would come home from school and tell her mom what she learned, the queen would be really impressed.

Sabrina was incredibly smart and very witty. On more than one occasion, she would get into trouble. Her father, the king, quickly had enough. He sent Sabrina to live in a tower, guarded by a powerful sorcerer. Only when it was time for her to get married could she leave the tower.

She was heartbroken when she was told this. I mean she was only 14. Sabrina would have to spend 7 years in this tower before she would be able to leave. However she had to do as her father said, for he was the king. So she packed her things and off to the tower she went.

For the first few weeks, Sabrina just sat around, often crying as legend has it. The sorcerer, by the name of Mike, would see her lying on the ground. One day he finally approached her.

“Dear Princess, heir to the throne, why must I always see you on the ground? Wipe the tears off of your face for the sun is out today.”

“As you can see Mr. Sorcerer sir, my father the king has banished me here. I cant go and see my friends and they cant come see me.”

“Princess but surely I can be your friend. I have not much to offer to you but the magic that it is in my hand.”

“Dear Mr. Sorcerer, I don’t quite understand. Did you offer to teach me the magic talents you possess in your hand?”

“Of course Princess. But you must know that I am not worthy of such an honour. However to teach you my magic would definitely make my night.”

From that day on, the sorcerer started to teach Sabrina. They started off simply, learning the rules to magic.

“one of first things you need to know is all magic comes with a price. Sometimes that price is silver or gold. But always remember that princess. Magic comes with a price. The wrong magic can turn your heart as black as the night sky. Meanwhile other magic is used for good and not evil.”

Some of the first spells that Sabrina learned was how to lift things and carry them. She would stand on one side of the room and utter a few words. Then things would move and rise up on the other side.

“Look at me, Mr. sorcerer Mickey. I can lift all these things without my hands.”

“Princess told you my name is not Mickey. Now you have to learn to move them around.”

“Mickey suits you better than Mike. How do I move them around?”

“You use your head and you use your brain.”

Sabrina thought about what she wanted todo. Suddenly the objects started moving around in a circle. Sabrina started smiling. Mike, who gave up argueing with Sabrina and decided to call himself Mickey, was proud. It was the first time in a long time that Mickey had seen Sabrina smile.

Sabrina, under Mickey’s teaching, learned quickly. In her first two years of living in the tower, she learned most of what Mickey knew.

“Oh princess, there comes a time when the student becomes better than her own teacher. Dear princess, for you that time has come. There is nothing more that I can teach you and now all I can do is give you what I learned from.  I will give you my books and things that I have. Teach yourself from now until the end.”

“Dear Master Mickey, please do not go. You are my best friend and the only one I have.”

“Princess Sabrina, I’m afraid I must leave. You and your powers are now stronger than me. Always remember I love you. Princess, I’m sorry.”

Mickey kissed Sabrina on the forehead and it was then that they realized that neither one of them could be without the other.

“Master Mickey, I can’t let you leave. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I block off these walls with a protection spell, and the only people who cannot leave are you and me. I will send a message to the king, telling him to let me stay so that we can be together.”

“Oh dear Princess, I don’t think you should, for no one can break a protection curse. We can be together in other ways. Please change your mind before it’s too late.”

“Dear master Mickey, my mind is made up. This way I’ll know we can always be together.”

Sabrina uttered the words of the curse. The doors shut and locked and so did the windows. An invisible field was placed around the tower. Sabrina and Mickey were both in tears.

A year passed since the curse was placed and it was time for Sabrina to turn 17 years of age. For her present, Mickey made her some paper and pencils.

“Happy Birthday princess, my sun and stars, please accept these gifts as a token of my affections.”

Sabrina loved the present she had received. However, she had news to tell Mickey.

“Master Mickey, you know I love you dear. It is your son that I have in me. Two months now I have had him.”

“Princess this news brings me joy. A father and mother we will soon become.”

All was fine and well until three months later. Sabrina started arguing with Mickey all the time. She started hiding in her room and drawing and writing. Her favorite things to draw were these little comics about a mouse and his group of friends.

Through a combination of the fact that Sabrina couldn’t leave the tower because of the curse and Mickey constantly fighting with her, the mouse became her best friend. One day Mickey walked in while she was drawing.

“Princess my angel, what have we here? These pictures of a mouse and ducks and dogs are weird. Drawing is for people who have no potential and potential is what you have.”

“How dare you say that writing is for chumps? Spend a day in my book then say it again.”

With that, Mickey was whisked away into the drawing and landed on the character of the mouse. Sabrina started smiling and laughing.

“I love how this is. Mickey the mouse. I like the ring to it and how it rolls off the tongue.”

Sabrina never cast Mickey out of the comic. Instead she had him be villains and superheroes and battle all kind of things.

Well the time came for her baby to be born. She gave birth to a beautiful boy. Sabrina named her baby Walt.

Walt took after his mother. He caused a lot of trouble. However, Walt somehow was never affected by the protection curse. Because his mother was though, Walt stayed close to the tower.

When Walt was about 5, Sabrina became deathly ill. On her deathbed, Sabrina gave Walt the comics about “Mickey the Mouse and friends.”

“Walt my son, so pure and true, let this book be a treasure to you. Do as you want with it but please promise me you will never destroy it. It means a lot to me and I hope it will mean a lot to you as well.”

“My poor mother, who on your deathbed you lay, I will always do as you say.”

Walt kissed his mother goodnight and went to bed. Sabrina passed away that night. The next morning, after many hours of crying, Walt decided to take the book and left the tower. He started walking.

He spent one night with seven midgets in a tiny cottage in the woods. Another time, Walt had to fight a fire breathing dragon that ended up putting a curse on a 16 year old girl to put her to sleep for eternity. All this time, he chronicled these adventures as the tales of Mickey the Mouse.

One day. Walt was looking through some of the comics and he noticed that Mickey had a frown on his face.

“Mickey the Mouse, why are you so sad? You have had many victories and battles and don’t forget friends. But wait, as I look, your friends all have someone to love and you don’t. You are the only mouse.”

Then Walt came up with an idea. He drew another mouse in the book. The mouse he drew was a lot smaller than Mickey. So Walt decided to name her Minnie. Even though her name was Minnie, Walt still decided to fix her to where she was the same size as Mickey.

Minnie the Mouse and Mickey the Mouse fell in love much like Sabrina and Mickey did. Mickey and Minnie had many adventures together.

Well Walt was about 12 when he decided that he wanted his mothers stories to be published. He brought them to a local newspaper where they soon became a success and soon spread throughout the world.

To fit the newfound stardom he was receiving, Walt adopted a name that had a nice ring to it. That name was Disney.


The rest is History

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