The time I lost my love

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part of a novel that I will be writing but not posting on here. Just want you guys to enjoy a little bit of what to expect

Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016



Look, I’ll be real. I knew Julie. Would I be able to say that we were ever close to each other? Well I mean we would hang out with each other at recess and we would occasionally have our parents drive us to each other’s houses. So I guess you could say we were close. I’m not here to tell about my friendship with her however. I’m only doing this because I was told to write about something that we have lost that was close to us. So I chose Julie. What happened to her was tragic and not many people knew what happened to her like how I know what happened to her. Mostly because I was there for most of what happened.

So I might as well begin by saying how we first met. When I first met Julie, it was in first grade and she called herself Julianne. Our names were right after each other in alphabetical order so my seat ended up being next to hers a lot. It was fine. At first we didn’t talk that much. I had just moved from Jersey to Ohio and was still really shy. On the second day of school however, we were told to partner up with the person next to us and do some project that I don’t remember the details to. So that was when I first started talking to her. I think I remember that because that was when I learned how down to earth she was. I couldn’t figure out what it was but there was something that just drew me to her. Maybe it was the way her mouth moved when she laughed or how she would tilt her head about 10 degrees to you when she was listening to you. I don’t know.

So since that day we started talking to each other at recess. I still was really shy so we would stay in the trees just next to the playground where we would hide from everyone and just talk to each other. Honestly, I loved it. On windy days, her long silky brown hair would end up in her face and she would constantly have to brush it out of her eyes. It was adorable, especially since she would do this weird face slapping thing to get it out and sometimes she would slap her face too hard and would hurt herself. Of course I made fun of her for that and in response she would slap me in the face.

We were in the same class with each other from first grade all the way until middle school. It was in middle school when she started going by Julie. But it was also in middle school when I realized that something was off. It wasn’t instant though, rather a more subtle transition much like how the temperature changes throughout the day. I also can’t fully determine when I noticed that change either, though looking back I think it’s because I changed as well as her and I changed with her as well. I remember going to her house one day and it was different.




“Hey you want to see something cool?” Julie said to me.

“What?” I asked her. She lifted up part of her shirt to reveal a little ring in her belly button.

“I got my bellybutton pierced,” she said excitedly. I couldn’t help but stare at it for awhile. I had never seen anyone with it pierced before.

“Why?” I asked her confused. Her happiness instantly went away and she almost broke out into tears.

“I thought that you would like it. Don’t you like it?” I placed my hand on her cheek and looked into her sapphire blue eyes.

“I think it looks beautiful, just like the girl who is wearing it,” I said to her. She threw herself onto me and gave me a huge hug. She looked me in the eyes. I love her eyes. They remind me of those sapphires that are put onto really expensive jewelry. So pure and bright. Then she leaned in and kissed me. She pulled away, curled her head down and blushed. Honestly she looks adorable when she blushes.

“I’m sorry,” she said to me, almost in a panicked tone of voice.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. It wasn’t like her to be panicked about anything.

“Jacob says that when someone likes someone, you are supposed to kiss them on the lips.” Jacob is her older brother. He was one of the popular guys at the high school so I felt cool for knowing him and she felt cool for being his sister.

“It’s what happens in the movies,” I told her. She hid her face

“He does it to me all the time,” she said to me. “What am I supposed to do? I don’t like him back. He’s a jerk!”

“Julie it’s okay.” I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder. I stroked her hair as I heard her start crying.

“Why does he do it to me? It doesn’t seem right for a brother to kiss his sister like that,” She said to me in between sobs.

“It has to stop after awhile. I’m sure of it.”

Boy was I wrong.




It didn’t stop. He started small though. First it was hugs that lasted longer than normal. Then it was the kisses that he gave her and even those were baby steps as well. First those came as an occasional peck on the cheek. Those occurred around fourth grade. But then came the kisses on the lips. One time I was at their house and Jacob didn’t see me and he kissed her in front of me. Those started about when we entered middle school. The worst part was even that wasn’t enough for Jacob. He graduated when Julie and I were in seventh grade. He was 19 when he graduated (he was held back in third grade). Jacob didn’t go off to college right away either. He wanted to travel, and his parents refused to give him the funding to do so. So he stayed at home with Julie.

So Julie’s parents never knew that Jacob was slowly preying on his sister. Whenever they saw the two of them together, he was always helping her with her homework or they were watching tv together. They were never able to pick up the hint that their daughter was being abused. It made me sick to my stomach. Don’t get me wrong, the Johnson’s are great people. It was just awful to see that they didn’t know their daughter was being abused. I was repulsed by it. How do you go TEN years without realizing that your daughter is being molested by your son. Sorry for the outbreak but it needed to be said.

Anyway so if I remember correctly it was the summer before freshman year. Since Julie’s parents were doing nothing to protect their daughter, my mother decided to take Julie in as one of her own. So now we weren’t siblings, she was just living in my house much like a foreign exchange student would. My mother knew all of what was happening to Julie as well. Both of us just wanted her to be safe and if taking her under our wing was the only way, then you better imagine that’s what we were going to do.

We tried to make her feel as welcome as possible though even before she spent more time at my house than she did hers. We made the spare room hers, she painted it sapphire blue like her eyes. She was just like my sister if I ever had one. That’s how I always felt of her too. That she was my sister. Don’t me wrong though. On numerous occasions we were posed with the question of “are you two together?” The answer was always no. To her, I was a brother and to me she was a sister. Now did the thought ever cross my mind? Quite a few times to be real with you. The first time I really considered it was back in seventh grade when she kissed me.

I realized that I have rambled on for a while so let me get to the part of what happened with her. It was the end of our freshman year and there was a new kid in school. His name was Ethan. Now don’t get me wrong. Ethan was a decent looking guy. He was tall, maybe 6’2 and he was pretty well built. He had chiseled features and was very pale. His brown hair waved across his forehead and flopped onto his forehead. There was something about him though that made me worry. He was new at the very end of the year and Julie decided to say hi to him. Right off the bat i figured something wasn’t right but I’m not one to judge people off of a first impression so I decided to go with her.




“Hey,” Julie said in a perky attitude. The boy looked up from the book that he was reading and looked at her. He glanced for a quick second before putting the bookmark in and closing his book.

“What do you want?” He said. It wasn’t in an annoyed tone of voice but he was not enthusiastic about being disrupted from his reading. What really struck me though was his accent. He clearly was not from the United States.

“Where are you from?” Julie asked. “I like your accent.” He turned away from her so that she wouldn’t see him turn red. Julie turned her head a little so that she could hear his response.

“Africa. My mother was a missionary and we lived there for about ten years.” He said. “We moved back to the us five years ago and just moved here about a month ago.”

“Oh cool,” she said. “What’s your name?”

“Ethan.” He said.

“Hi Ethan. I’m Julie and the guy over there,” she pointed at me “That’s Ryan.” I nodded my head and waved at him.

Ethan motioned for Julie to move closer to him and he whispered something in her ear. I didn’t hear what he said. She moved back from him and shook her head. The bell rang for us to go to class and so Ethan walked with her to class. I took a step back and proceeded to let them continue the conversation. I got to class before her. When she sat down I started to ask her stuff.

“What were you guys talking about?” I asked her innocently. I wasn’t looking for to much information from her.

“Just about his time in Africa. Where he lived and what his mom did. You know that stuff.” She said it quickly, as though she was avoiding trying to say one particular thing. But I didn’t harass her about it.




It was so out of character for her. She never omitted anything from me and she never lied either. I didn’t think that much of it however. I figured it was just some random personal thing about him that he didn’t want her to share with me. Which was fine. Like I said I didn’t want to judge him on a first impression.

So Julie and Ethan became friends and I started talking to him as well. He was pretty calm and he was athletic too. Our Sophomore year he made it onto the varsity basketball team. He was the only sophomore. There was still something though that just seemed off about him. I still couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I just blew it off as jealousy though due to how close he and Julie were getting. But then came the fateful day.

Julie and I were at Ethan’s house. It wasn’t the most elaborate house, but it wasn’t tiny either. The family room was very spacious with only a television and two couches in it. The walls were painted red and there was a few pictures of him and his mom on the wall. The hallway which led to the kitchen was painted dark blue, much like the sky at night and the kitchen itself was a bright red color as well. The three of us were in his living room and Ethan offered to get us lemonade. So he got up and went to the kitchen. He gave us each a glass and had one of his own. It was perfectly normal.

So we were talking the three of us and Julie started to complain about a headache. I keep ibuprofen on me at all times because I suffer headaches too. So I handed her two pills and she used the lemonade to wash it down. We kept talking for a little while longer and Julie never said anything more about her head so I assumed her headache went away. She got up to go to the bathroom and she was very not balanced. Her walk had a swagger to it to where it would appear as though she was drunk. She struggled to walk just across the living room and then she collapsed.

Now everything in this part of the story is very muddy in my brain. So i’ll try my best. So Julie fell on the ground and I sprang up to go see what was wrong. Her body was limp in my arms as I tried to pick her up. I layed her on her back and checked to see if she had a pulse. Julie and I were both certified in cpr so if necessary I knew what to do. Anyway so I checked to see if she had a pulse and she did. Her heart was racing in fact.




“Ethan come help me,” I semi-shouted to him. I turned my head to see where he was. He was not there. “Ethan I need your help!” I didn’t hold back this time. I knew that I couldn’t help Julie by myself. I looked around the living room to see if I could find a phone. I located one on the wall about 15 feet from where I was so I got up to the wall and grabbed the phone.

Then the first shot happened. I spun around and saw Ethan holding a gun in his hand. He pointed the gun at me.

“Put the phone down,” He said very calmly. I hung the phone very slowly back on the wall, not once turning my back. I wanted to make sure that he never hurt Julie.

“T-t-there,” I stuttered. I held my hands up to show that I surrendered.

“Good,” he said. “Now I want you to help me bring Julie to my room.” I didn’t want to do it but there was something in my head that told me I had no choice. Not just due to the fact that he had a gun but also something else. I did what he said though. I didn’t want anything to happen to me or her due to me not obeying. So I lifted Julie’s limp body baby cradle style to his room which was located at the end of the hallway.




I wish that there was more that I could’ve done to protect her. I just felt so helpless and you have no idea how hard it is for me to admit that I was helpless. So I brought her to his room and he instructed me to lay her on his bed. I did as he asked, actually more like he demanded. He told me to go sit down in this wooden chair on the other side of his room and I was not allowed to close my eyes for the next part. He also said that if I moved that both Julie and I were getting shot.

I wish I could spare you guys the details but I was told by the teacher not to so my apologies for this next part. So I was sitting in the chair and he placed the gun on nightstand right next to his bed. He reached into the drawer of the nightstand to pull out a red bandana, and a lot of rope. First he tied the bandana around her mouth. She couldn’t scream already and if she gained consciousness, she wouldn’t be able to scream at all. Then he tied her hands together up over her head and tied them to the bedpost. I felt so bad for her that I was on the brink of tears. Then he grabbed the gun and walked over to me.




“How about we play a little game,” he said to me as he walked over to the chair that I was sitting on. I couldn’t look at him. I was in tears. “Aww what’s the matter? Can’t handle what’s happening to your girlfriend right now?” He was enjoying himself too much. I couldn’t handle it.

“What game?” I said. He smiled bigger.

“I’m granting you permission to get off the chair and follow me,” I did exactly that. He made me follow him to where he had Julie tied up on his bed. “I want you to get on the bed with her.” He pointed the barrel at me so I did exactly that. I got on the bed with Julie bound and gagged. Her eyes were closed and even in this state that she was in, she was still the prettiest girl to me. I had to find a way to protect her.

“What now?” I asked him. He got on the bed with me to.

“Now comes the fun part,” He said. My eyes widened. I knew what he wanted me to do and the worst part is that if I didn’t, both of us would die. Ethan looked at me slightly surprised. “Wait a second. You two have never done it before? Man if I had a diamond like her living in my house…” I never let him go on. I punched him in the side of his face. The surprise of it made him drop the gun out of his hand. I used the shock that he was going through to grab the gun.

It was heavier than what I was expecting but I was too focused on protecting Julie that I didn’t care. I pointed the gun at Ethan. He finally recovered and looked at me. He tilted his head and gave a devilish grin.

“I’ll shoot you.” I said.

“Go ahead,” he taunted. I couldn’t stand him anymore at that instant.

“I’ll do it.” It was at that moment when Julie started regaining consciousness.

“What’s going on?” she said through squinting eyes and her voice was muffled due to the gag but it was audile what she was saying.  She kept rolling her head trying to stay awake.

“Julie it doesn’t matter. I’ll get you out.” I told her. I kept the gun pointed at Ethan. “Untie her,” I told him, my voice had a slight quiver in it.

“No,” he said.

“Untie her,” I said and I pointed the gun at his knee and shot him in the leg. He fell over in pain and there was a lot of blood that came out of his leg. That time he did what I asked and slowly started to untie her. At this point Julie was fully conscious again and was slowly starting to process what was going on. Ethan untied her arms and took the gag out of her mouth.

“You’re making a big mistake,” Ethan said. He winced in pain from his leg and he collapsed on the floor.

“Julie run,” I said to her. She didn’t ask any questions. She ran with me out the door, through the hallway and out of the house. We had to make it as far as possible away from the house before anything could happen to either one of us.




We made it to the end of the block from where his house was but we wanted to be as safe as possible so we ran another three blocks to the bus stop. Now keep some things in mind. One, Julie still had only a slight clue what was going on. We did not have shoes and the pavement was really hot. I still had the gun in my hand and we were running around in a neighborhood. We got to the bus stop and Julie pulled out her cell phone and quickly dialed 911. She told the operator that we were running from someone who tried to kill us and that we were not safe.

I wasn’t on the phone so I couldn’t answer any of the questions but from what I could hear, she was asked what happened, who, where are you and do you have a weapon. She quickly told them what she knew but she finished it by asking them to hurry. We had no clue whether or not Ethan was following us but we didn’t want to take any chances.

We couldn’t wait for the bus but we weren’t that far away from the police station so we decided to run there. We had to stay together though. It wasn’t safe for either one of us to fall behind or get ahead. So we started running towards the police station which was about three blocks from where we were.

It took what felt like forever to get there but in reality, it was probably only less than five minutes. We ran into the station and we were quickly met with an officer who was more concerned about the gun in my hand than why we were shoeless or running through a neighborhood with a gun in the first place. I handed the officer the gun and he sat down with us. He sensed the urgency in my voice.

So the officers wanted to separate us but I kept trying to tell them that it was not safe to separate the two of us. After a little bit of convincing, he finally agreed to ask us together. He brought us to this room with a few chairs, a desk, and a one way glass window. We couldn’t see out but whoever was on the other side could see in.




“What happened to you two?” The officer asked us. Julie started to explain.

“We were at our friend Ethan’s house. We were just talking and drinking lemonade and then I got a headache. After that I don’t remember anything. I think I was knocked out cause the next thing I know I’m bound and gagged in his bed with my arms tied up over me and I hear a gunshot. Ryan says to me something like I’ll help you out or something like that. There’s a lot of blood and then next thing I know Ryan told me to run and that’s how we got here.” Julie was borderline in tears. The worst part was that she was unconscious for the worst part and I had to tell the officer what happened.

“Did she miss anything?” The officer asked me.

“Ethan drugged her unconscious. I don't know with what but I think it was in the lemonade.” I started off saying. “I ran to go see if she was okay and called for him and he wasn’t there. I was going to call her mom when I heard a gunshot and next thing I know I have a gun pointed at me and Ethan’s is telling me to bring Julie to his room. He made me sit in a chair and watch him tie her up. Then he wanted…” I got choked up. I was in tears. I was trying to say what happened next without crying too much or scare Julie even more than she already was.

“It’s okay. Take your time. What did he want you to do?” The officer said. I looked at Julie with tears in my eyes.

“He wanted me to rape her. But I couldn’t. He said that if I didn’t that he would shoot us both. I couldn’t hurt her. There was no way. And then he started going on saying that if she was living with him that every night he would do stuff with her and I couldn’t take it anymore. I punched him in the face and the gun fell out of his hand so I picked it up and told him to untie her….” I hesitated to tell him the next part.

“He said no so I turned the gun to his leg and shot him in the calf. He finally untied her and then we both started running and then we ended up here.”

The officer was taking notes on what we were saying. He was having trouble handling what we were saying. Julie was in shock. She did not know what had happened when she was unconscious and now I can almost guarantee that she wishes that she didn’t know now.

“I have a few questions for you Ryan.” The officer said to me.

“Yes?” I said slowly. I felt my stomach drop. I feared I was going to get into trouble for shooting Ethan in the knee.

“When you were in the room and he was tying her up, did you ever try to leave?” I could’ve sworn that the officer was joking when he asked that.

“No. He said if I left that he would shoot her. I couldn’t have her get hurt. He had the gun on the nightstand right next to him but it was a good 35 feet from where I was so if i even wanted to get up to try to get it all he would have to do is turn around to quickly grab it and shoot us both.”

“Why were you guys at the house in the first place?” Julie answered this one.

“He invited us over to his house after school,” She said.

“Look we have no clue whether or not he followed us, if he has another weapon, or if he just stayed at home.” I said to the officer.

“Your worry is fine. It’s justified. When you guys leave we’ll have someone make sure it’s safe.” The officer was very sympathetic. I was finally able to calm down. Julie was slowly starting to calm down as well.




The officer led us out of the room. He let us call my mom and she came to the station. She was panicking. We told her what happened. You could tell that she was scared. This was also at nearly nine at night. So we were going to be getting home really late.

So we were there for about an hour and we decided that we were ready to go home. The officer asked if Ethan knew where we lived and that we were fortunate enough to be able to say no since we live in a completely different neighborhood and he had never been there before. There was a police officer that went outside the building to make sure that Ethan wasn’t near the building and he said that it was safe.

We walked out of the building and we heard a gunshot. Julie collapsed on the ground. A bunch of police officers ran out of the building and tried to find him. They found him within seconds as he tried to run from out of a tree. It was impressive that he was able to get up there with the injury to the knee that he had. They apprehended him and brought him into the station. I fell next to Julie and tried to find out where she was hit. I flipped her over to her back and I saw where she was shot.

There was a small hole in her chest. It appeared as though it went through her lung but I know very little about anatomy. A police officer rushed over to us and called for an ambulance. I was in tears. I couldn’t lose my best friend. The girl I grew up with. My love, my girl I was going to lose her to a psychopath who wanted her dead. I tried to feel for a pulse. I found one but it was weak. I wrapped my arms around her neck. I looked into her eyes one last time. The blue sapphires that were her eyes. I never realized how much I truly loved her until that moment. I realized that this was the last time I would ever have to tell her that I loved her. So that was what I did.

“I love you.” I said to her. She brought her hand up to my face and pressed the palm of her hand onto my cheek.

“I love you too,” She said to me. Her hand fell from my face and landed on her chest. I felt the pulse disappear. At that moment, I lost it. I started sobbing. I layed my head on her shoulder and just started crying. All the memories that I had of her came back to me. The ones of us hanging out at recess. Us hanging out at her house. The times that she was crying about her brother. All came back to me. I just lost the love of my life. The one that means the world to me.

My mom was in tears as well. The police officer that was with us was trying to hold back a tear, trying to maintain composure for the two of us. It was no use though. I had only seen my mother cry one other time, when my dad left with my sister when I was four. Not only was it tough for me but I knew that it was going to be tough for her as well.

I stayed there for who knows how long just crying. I don’t really remember what told me to stop crying. I think it was when I realized that crying wasn’t going to bring her back. I didn’t go to school that next day but the day after I did and I was a wreck. But I wasn’t going to let this ruin me more than it already had. So I kept my grades up by day and grieved by night.

My mother and i arranged funeral plans for her even though her parents were told about the death of their daughter. Although distraught, they clearly did not care enough to plan the funeral themselves so we decided to do it. It was a small burial. Only very close family and friends. Me, my mom and Julie’s parents and brother showed up as well as the officer who was there at the office when she was killed showed up.

So now is the part where I explain why I chose her as something that I cared a lot about that I have lost. She was my best friend. I told her everything and she told me everything. We loved each other. We met in first grade when I first moved and I was with her until the very end. There’s not many people who can say that about someone. But the true reason why I chose her was because I was there. No one had ever asked for my side of the story. They all watched the nonexistent trial where Ethan tried to plead not guilty but even he couldn’t follow through with it. Everyone believed the rumors. No one ever asked what really happened and I felt that it was my obligation to lay down what really happened.

Do I still think about Julie? Almost every day. She was my first and only real love I ever have had. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I see the little sapphires that made up hers. I see them when she was smiling and when she was cold on the pavement. Sometimes I still wonder what drove Ethan to kill her and sometimes I get the feeling that the real person he was trying to shoot was me. It doesn’t matter though. What really matters is that the real story is out. What’s done is done and it can’t be fixed. Do I wish I could go back to that day and just tell us not to go to his house? Sometimes.

I chose to talk about Julie because that was when I realized that everyone has a weak point. Some of us find it in things, some in others, and others in ourselves. Mine is in myself. I loved her and I would do anything to protect her. Love is strength but for me and her, it was a weakness.

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