Despicable Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this and 'I'm Disgusting' literally back to back. They mirror each other a little bit, or there's something oddly similar about the two, that i can't quite put my finger on. Sort of a Desperation Regulators sort of thing. I WAS feeling kinda 'naughty' when i wrote this one. Wink, wink.

I am a terrible person.

Have you ever done so many bad things, you start to wonder if you even deserve to breathe?

I have.

The lies; the deceits; the agony; the pain.

How I've dealt so much, time and time again. It seems as though I'll never be able to put a stop to it, or, even wanted to in the first place.

I am the bringer of pain, deliveryman of suffering, messenger of hurt. I am the Lord of Despicable Acts. That is me; and that is all.

I'm a bad, bad, man.

I'm despicable.

Despicable, me.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. But remorse... remorse is a dish best never served at all.

I am a monster.

Towards this, I am in no denial. How could you be, really? In sights of some beings, perhaps, I might even appear to have horns; mayhap even had sprouted, instantaneously, before their very eyes.

Not the devil; just, devilish.

Pure evil, none the less.

Sometimes, I even scare myself.

Some nights, I lay awake, unable to sleep of it.

Despicable, me.

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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The use of repetition here is good, and the emphasis on the feeling of being something to be shunned/despised/insert-other-negative-action-here. a very good poem.
-Hollie R

Tue, March 12th, 2013 8:57pm


Awesome! An interesting perspective. You certainly have a good grasp on it. I'm really glad you liked it. This one is one of my favorites, as well. Thank you again, miss Hollie. Take care madam. :)

Tue, March 12th, 2013 2:07pm


I like the matter-of-fact way you deliver this - you like being despicable!

Thu, March 14th, 2013 3:46pm


Yes, you got it. Haha. Being bad can be fun. Thanks for the support and glad you liked it.

Thu, March 14th, 2013 9:41am


Ahh nice one! great vibe coming from this one. The mix of long and short sentaces and phrases really bring out the important parts of this. great work.

Thu, March 14th, 2013 6:22pm


I really like this one too. Being bad can be fun sometimes. Really glad you've been enjoying and commenting on my pieces. It makes me shine , brighter than the sun.

Thu, March 14th, 2013 11:53am

Little Blue Bird

Very well written

Fri, March 15th, 2013 1:03am


Thanks again!

Thu, March 14th, 2013 7:28pm


I scare myself all the time. Had to learn to shave in the dark! So bad, it's good!

Sat, March 16th, 2013 11:18pm


Omg. That's hilarious. Man a knick could be devastating in the dark. Tripping over anything and everything looking for an escape. Sometimes an exit is hard to find. In the words of Snagglepuss: Exit! Stage left! :)

Sat, March 16th, 2013 4:25pm


Really powerful and well written

Tue, March 19th, 2013 8:32pm


Thank you. Glad you enjoyed and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I certainly always give it my all. :o)

Tue, March 19th, 2013 2:16pm

colin watson

i like this poem.its like an insight in the mind of a serial killer lol....enjoyable

Sat, March 23rd, 2013 7:13pm


Haha, yes. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it gave you some food for thought. Thanks again. :o)

Sat, March 23rd, 2013 12:49pm

Kiran Motwani

This is so powerful because of the strength to pick on yourself! This is great work!

Tue, March 26th, 2013 4:10am


Thank you, glad you liked it. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. Thanks again. :o)

Mon, March 25th, 2013 9:33pm


This is another good one! I'm really enjoying reading your work! I scare myself often so I guess I could relate to that...maybe not to that extreme extent yeah, I do. Afterwards I laugh at myself XD

Sun, March 31st, 2013 6:38pm


Haha, that's funny. I get scared sometimes by the dumbest stuff, then sometimes real scary stuff won't scare me, lol. Thank you again for reading, enjoying and for the support. :o) I promise to get by and check your other stuff out too. I promise I will, sorry that it's taking so long.

Sun, March 31st, 2013 2:00pm


totally intense bro go easy a bit on yourself and lighten upeven if you may not deserve it bc I know I don't bet yet I still do and I now how you bc Im exactly like that

thumbs up for this

Mon, April 1st, 2013 7:18pm


Haha, glad you enjoyed! And it's cool man, most of my stuff is fiction, though based off feelings, ideas, thoughts, and personal experiences, many times, for sure. So, I'm good, though I love being bad, too, lol. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate the support. :o)

Mon, April 1st, 2013 12:43pm


yeah I like being bad to its just a thrill i hav some many fun stories ahhh the goods times and yeah I like your work I'm might just have to become a fan also your lucky bc I like your stuff because usually when I don't I end up burning their work lol I'm just kiddiing.... maybe

Mon, April 1st, 2013 8:52pm


Bwahahahah! Thank you for enjoying. Also for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate the support. Thanks again. :o)

Mon, April 1st, 2013 5:17pm

Angie Blake

I wish there were more people in this world that would have a conscious about the things they do or the lies they tell. It sounds like you've got a good grip on your conscious but that doesn't mean you're dispicable! Nicely done though. I like it! :)

Mon, April 22nd, 2013 3:24pm


Hehe, yeah, being bad is fun sometimes ;). And this may or may not be based on myself, lol :P. Yes, there certainly is so many despicable people in this world. Proof alone is in all the most recent events: Sandy Hook massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, etc. These seem to more like things that happen in movies, not in real life. Just goes to show you how bad this world can be sometimes. But it evens out with all the greatness that is held within. Thanks for reading and liking, and happy I could give you some food for thought. Thanks again madam. :o)

Mon, April 22nd, 2013 9:07am


Nice poem! I especially love the line: "Revenge is a dish best served cold...but remorse is a dish best never served at all."

Tue, May 21st, 2013 5:16pm


Hehe, thank you again! A couple people have actually mentioned that line, so I must be doing something right there, lol. This one really did feel like it would be good as I was writing it, same for the Gollum one. Sh*tty Day was just an old song from High School days that I stumbled upon, again, not too long ago, lol. Thanks again for reading and enjoying these. It really means a lot to me. :o)

Tue, May 21st, 2013 10:42am


Interesting, and emotionally complex. Good job! :)

Fri, May 24th, 2013 6:38am


Thank you, madam. Much obliged! :o)

Fri, May 24th, 2013 4:46am

Sixella Malz

A great read, this poem spoke volumes. I really like your style you used here, and the part about revenge especially. Awesome (:

Sat, June 1st, 2013 1:49am


Thank you! Glad you took the time to read and comment, it's greatly appreciated. For the support, too, it is much obliged. I'm happy you liked this one. Thanks again. :o)

Fri, May 31st, 2013 6:55pm


well written, i like it

Mon, June 10th, 2013 8:06pm


Thank you! Happy you enjoyed! :o)

Mon, June 10th, 2013 1:17pm


So evil....

Sun, June 23rd, 2013 9:01am


Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha! ;) Lol. Thanks again, madam, really happy you liked this one. :o)

Mon, June 24th, 2013 7:31pm


Your language is a amazing, I think I'm going to find myself saying that constantly when I read your work. You can write a simple sentence, with few words and still create an effect or emotion within your reader. Fabulous writer. Kathy :)

Mon, July 1st, 2013 3:11pm


Thank you miss Kathy, you are too kind, really. But I do really appreciate it. Even if it does make my head swell a bit, hehe. Just kidding ;). Many people have really liked this one, and it is still one of my favorites. Though reading it does bring back all the despicable memories of mine, that loosely formed and this piece was based off of. Not the most proud point of my life, and I'm going through a really tough time again right now. Perhaps it will inspire some more great poetry. Been a while since I wrote any, just short stories here lately. And most of them for contests on here, hehe. I've been neglecting my two novels. But I'm hoping things will get better once I start going to college for the first time, here in the fall. Thanks again, madam, very happy I could entertain you with this piece while you were reading. :o)

Mon, July 1st, 2013 6:44pm

Peyton Kirby


Wed, July 10th, 2013 3:56am


Hahahaha, I shall try. It's kind of crazy, these almost feel like some oldies now. It's been awhile since I have messed with these ones, lol. And someone else read and messaged on I'm Disgusting almost the same exact time as you just did. Really crazy, lol. Thanks again. :o)

Tue, July 9th, 2013 9:47pm

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