Lost...In Those Eyes

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Eyes so red and evil, you could get lost in them for days.

Not sure if I like how this one turned out, so hopefully it doesn't get beat up too bad, hehe.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



It's after me...

I can feel it, it's coming...

Can't quite figure out how I got here, to this point, running full speed down this heavily wooded path, but I know it's still after me.

Though unable to turn around and look, won't be putting myself through that again. No, sir!

Once is enough.

I just pray to God that I don't trip, or I'll be kissing my ass good-bye. Please don't find a root to trip on.

Lord! I'm scared shitless right now. I know I can feel it nipping right at my heels, gaining on me.

It just keeps coming...and I swear it's getting faster; or maybe I'm only slowing.

Feeling the most tiresome I've ever felt in my life. I just want to lay down and give in, just let it take me. Anything would be better than this.

But I won't! I'll never give in!

I'm not the type to just lay down and die. No, it'll have to take me.

"Come and get me, you stupid fuck!" Screaming without turning around to look.

Then suddenly, I see something...and hear something.

A rustling from the side, coming along at a tangent towards me through the trees, filling my head with terrible thoughts and images. A soft red glow growing from where the noise is coming from.

Then, I could see movement...

That glow is definitely coming from a pair of evil red eyes, rocketing towards me.

Good God! There's more than one of these things.

I wish I never stumbled upon it having its feast, now. Thinking I never should have come, but I desperately needed to find my friends. Pretty sure they're back there; the main course. So what good did I do? Pretty sure I am going to join them, now.

Just starting to cry, as a black mass of snarling-snapping jaws, and long-swiping claws, comes crashing out onto the path landing directly in front of me. From the center of those gangly limbs, atop its hideously-shaped head, sit those blood-red eyes that seem to just glow in the dark like embers.

Screeching to a hault and unable to move or turn away, as the sounds of the one behind me are just mere seconds away and coming up fast.

Creeping closer, the skinny, black, foul-smelling creature, is now shrieking in my face. Then, suddenly, it begins to sniff me; smelling my flesh. Smelling my fear, and most likely: my blood. It begins to drool, slobber dripping to the ground in long, sizzling, streamlets.

Holy hell! What type of God would allow this thing to walk the earth.

Then, from behind me, finally, the other is upon me...

Except: Thwack!

The creature ahead of me quit moving and, immediately, dead silence fills the path. Slowly, its head begins to droop, then drop, and finally rolls along the ground in my direction.

Wheeling about to stare my would-be attacker straight in the face, who actually appears to be my saving grace, my jaw hit the ground. I'm floored by what I see. This is the last thing I ever would expect...

--Less Than an Hour Earlier--

After passing out and coming to, still half-drunk, I wander about the cabin in an effort to locate one of my friends. No answers to any of my calls come; it's obvious they are no longer here. I start to frighten a bit as I realize I'm all alone and nobody is to be found. Then when I find the note on the table, first my fear abates a little, but quickly doubles and then trebles.

The note, written by someone possibly more drunk than me, says that they went after more beer and were stopping to check that haunted trail out that people around town have been warning us about since we arrived.

In a drunken stupor I set out in a last ditch effort to find them, stumbling about from road to road. One moment, traipsing through the ditches, the next, falling about down the center of the old dirt road.

In a few minutes time I come upon their Jeep, every door wide open, at the entrance to the trail. The Jeep's ass end halfway still on the road. Fear taking me even deeper, at this point, but I also couldn't help but laugh.

I begin making my way down the path, hearing no sounds, other than my own voice. Every call I make, to whichever friend, unanswered.

The fear rising in me so much, now, like a paralyzing sting impeding my will to move forward. Uncontrollable shaking coming along for the ride, as well. Starting to think that I might just have to turn back and call for help instead, when a strange noise coming forth through the trees beckons me ever closer.

Approaching a clearing at the end of the path, the noise starts to become recognizable as scraping and sucking sounds. Walking on into the field, I begin to notice massive humps, here and there randomly, all about. In the center of the field, coming from behind one of the lumps, seems to be where the noises are originating from.

As I creep ever closer, the lumps starting to take form in the pitch-black darkness, I begin to point out some things, like: That looks like Dave's jacket; Isn't that Sandra's purse; and Aren't those the tennis shoes that Franklin was wearing?

Having enough already, just about to turn on my heels and flee, is when I nearly shit myself as the noises suddenly quit. Both, stopping cold and stopping me cold. As I was staring with unblinking eyes, at the bloody mass that I now am starting to believe has to be one of my friends (or used to be), the thing causing the sounds begins to raise its head.

A round, black, shape starts raising up from where it has been feasting, its huge mouth full of crowded fangs is dripping with my friend's blood. It nearly covers its entire head, looking like splatters of paint.

Next this creature begins to scream at me, making my heart race as the organ nearly rockets out of my mouth and onto the ground at my feet. That's when I notice the most horrifying part: those eyes!

Those huge, hideous, more blood-red than blood, monstrous eyes, following every move I make. So red that they glow in the dark, and never seem to blink at all.

That's when I finally get the courage to turn and run, though as I do, I see the creature bound over the lump and launch in my direction. Its claws digging deeply at the earth as it begins scrambling after me.

I begin screaming at the top of my lungs, but at least it is drowning out the sounds of its snapping jaws.

Entering the path, I never look back again, I just concentate on running and hoping for escape. I scream nonstop for the next ten minutes, until my vocal cords finally give way.

Now I can hear the creature creeping ever closer. Soon, I just know that I'll probably be becoming this thing's next meal. All I can do is continue to hope and pray: and run like hell.


Just having seen the creature being decapitated, leaving me in shock, as I am turning about to gaze upon my savior. My jaw hangs low as I gawk, not wanting to believe what I'm seeing and what I just went through.

Before me stands a man, cleaning the vile, black, blood from the head of his long-handled axe. He is heavily aromored and helmeted, but his armor appears to be so light in nature that he can move swiftly about and with ease. Leather clad, or maybe it is Kevlar, he seems like some deranged, renegade, biker and stands there leaning on his axe as if it were a walking stick. For a second I just stare.


"Are you okay?" The man asks, his helmet muffling it a bit.

Dazed: "Sur...Who...Wha..." I ask pointing back over my shoulder.

"You don't seem fine, you're sure you're going to be all right?"

I didn't know how to answer that.

"Well let's get you out of here, and quickly...more will be coming, now that one of their own's blood has been spilt.

"They'll come to clean that up," pointing to the hideous creature with his axe, "using tooth, and nail, and tongue. It will not be pretty and we had better be long gone when they do."

"Bu...Wha...are they?" I barely could manage.

Ignoring me for the moment, pushing me along, "Hurry! If you don't want to end up like your friends, than move your ass! They'll never stop hunting you, now. You have been marked. Just this one seeing you did that. They are a vicious, blood-thirsty, race, who never tire. They only hunger for more.

"They are the Chupacabra, the only real vampires in this world, and they possess the eyes of Satan himself. Always watching. These things don't die from being in the sun, and don't wait for an invitation to enter your house and kill you in your sleep.

"Now, let's get you to safety! Move it!"

Doing as told, feeling more like a prisoner than a rescue, I spin around and quickly begin heading back down the path. My guide prompting me the entire way. What other choice do I have? The only other option is certain death. I choose life!

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