Ode de Stephen King (Books I've Read)

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A little tribute to my favorite author. Another sister-poem. I seem to writing a lot of these. Combination, two poems, one big poem. Sort of like the lord of the rings is three novels, or six books, but is really one giant tome. I hope all the Stephen King fans on here will enjoy this.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Note from Mr. King, that I've based my writing outlook on:

\"If you don't have the time to read, then you don't have the time or the tools, needed to write.\"

-Stephen King-


I started with Pet Sematary

Then I moved on to Carrie

The Shining nailed it to a tee

A little more than Duma Key


I really loved, From a Buick 8

Undeniably, Hearts in Atlantis was great

Didn't love The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

It couldn't touch, The Eyes of the Dragon


Every story was good in Different Seasons

Everything's Eventual, definitely had it's reasons

I'll never forget, when I read, Under the Dome

Bag of Bones, Incredible!, hit-right-at-home


Four Past Midnight was his first book, that I ever bought

At night, I kept the lights on, while reading 'Salem's Lot

A good Hard Case Crime book, The Colorado Kid

By far, his most powerful, had to be with \"It\"


Getting through Firestarter, he really made it easy

No easy task, but worth it; to finish The Dark Tower series

When writing Rose Madder, he had to've been full of passion

While Johnny Smith, cursedly, lived deep inside The Dead Zone


Cell, absolutely had to be, one of my favorites

Tons of great short stories, inside, Just After Sunset

Nightmares and Dreamscapes, took me, to a magical place

Writing as Richard Bachman, I really did like Blaze


I lived in his world; of Full Dark, No Stars

The kid at the end of Cujo, died in the back of his car

Hidden inside Skeleton Crew, lurking somewhere in The Mist

The hidden gem of Cat's Eye, coming from his book: Night Shift


The kid from Rage, you could really feel his pain

You felt bad for the girl in cuffs, locked inside, Gerald's Game

That's all the books I've read so far, none have been the same

One day, I'll have read them all, s'what keeps me kinda sane.


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