Perfect Toss of a Disc (Right Down the Pipe) Part 1

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My buddy Scot said to me, after showing him some of my other work that is on this site, "I can't believe you haven't done a frisbee golf, joint, yet." So, I did. And here it is. I hope you frisbee golfers of the world, out there, will all enjoy this one. This is the first part, in yet another, two-part, sister-like poem.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



The grass lies still, motionless

Covered in the morning dew

The sun rises, opposite the west

Reflecting light, bouncing off my shoes


The warm sun on my back

The wind in my face

My skills musn't lack

I needs me an ace


Got my friends by my side

They're all standing round

I try to throw a straight line

But instead, right to the ground


As my face turns red

And I scream and I shout

I start shaking my head

Unbelieving how that shot had come out


I try calming my nerves

By counting quickly to ten

This next shot's gunna curve

And go right to the pin


I step up to the next teepad

And line up my shot

I just wanna be glad

O, so tired of being hot


As I cock back with all my might

And release, with a twist

I hope to put it right down the pipe

With this perfect toss of a disc

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