Perfect Toss of a Disc (Right Down the Pipe) Part 2

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My buddy Scot said to me, after showing him some of my other work that is on this site, "I can't believe you haven't done a frisbee golf, joint, yet." So, I did. And here it is. I hope you frisbee golfers of the world, out there, will all enjoy this one. This is the second part, in yet another, two-part, sister-like poem.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



I step up to the next teepad

And line up my shot

This one's gunna be a bullet

A laser, right on the dot


I cock back with my might

And release with a twist

It goes right down the pipe

The perfect shot of a disc


It glides through the air

Turning first left, and then right

It kept soaring out further

Nearly vanishing from sight


And then as it's falling

Crashing towards the ground

It then hit something metal

Oh, what a glorious sound


Slammed in the chains

With a thunderous CHING!

Don't let it pop out, please

Would be a wonderful thing


Be the answer to my prayers

And I'm living the dream

As it lands in the basket

My eyes start to gleam


My friends and I cheered

With a feeling I've missed

I just shot my first ace

The perfect toss of a disc

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