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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

My name is Adalaide. I am 16 years old and I live in Grimmswick with my dad and my brothers. My brothers and I have different mothers because my dad and their mother divorced only to get back together again.
My mother is not in the picture and I've never even met her. She wasn't allowed to have anything to do with me until I reached out someday because she tried to have an abortion but it failed.
After I was born, my father got back together with his ex-wife (my brothers' mother, Mindy)

My lie hasn't always been easy. My mother was a drug abuser when she was pregnant for me and therefore when I was born I craved and needed cocaine and marijuana.
My doctors gave me "healthy" levels and ever since I have been addicted to drugs.
Last year, I went to an intense rehabilitation program and I got off all the drugs that I was on.
Recently, I have gotten back into drugs and also started drinking.
All the hard work that I put forth in rehab, has gone to waste.
I hope that I can get my life back on track before it becomes too late.

--- class making loud noises ---

Mr.Simons- Alright, quiet down... We are going to be doing an oral final report that will determine your final grade. Your task is to find out who you really are. I don't mean who you are apart from your cliques. I mean where do you and your familes come from. You are to do a report on your entire family and then choose an individual to center your report on. Maybe perhaps one that you aren't entirely close with, one that's a mystery to you. Your reports are due in exactly two weeks and any that are late will recieve no credit.

Reilly- Excuse me?! What are people like Adalaide suppot to do for this assignment. It's clear she's into drugs. How could a person like that skank be wanted by a family?


Mindy- Hey sweetheart, how was your day?

Adalaide- Except for being called a druggy again... it was pretty good.

Andy- What's new?

Adalaide- I got this assignment for my final and I wanna meet my mom.

Andy- No way. Not happening.

Adalaide- Why not?

Andy- Because Adalaide. The answer is no.

Adalaide- I'm 16.

Andy- As long as you live under my roof you will not be doing such thing.

Mindy- What sparked this interest all of a sudden?

Adalaide- As a final, Mr.Simons gave us an oral report to do on our family and where they come from. I want my mother to be part of it.

Andy- I'll be calling your teachr in the morning asking for him to give you another topic. The answer is no. Your mother is not in your life and she made it that way.

Adalaide- Are you ure becuase I am pretty sure you made it that way. (STORMS UPSTAIRS)


Janice- Invetigative Services. This is Janice. How can I help you?

Adalaide- Hi, Janice. I wanted to speak to some one about potentially meeting my mother.

Janice- Your first step would be to talk to me so what can I do for you exactly?

Adalaide- My mother was forced to give me up when I was born because she had a drug addiction. She wasn't allowed to talk to me until I turned 16 and wanted to reach out to her or not so that's what I'm doing.

Janice- Alright and do you have any information about your mother that could help us in this search? A name? Hospital you were born at?

Adalaide- I was born at Stoneybrook Memorial Hospital and my mother's name is Amelia Walters.

Janice- Alright and your date of birth?

Adalaide- April 7th , 1998.

Janice- Alright, I'll tell you what I'm going to do... I'm going to give all of this information to a private representitive investigator and they'll give you a call and keep you updated when they find out some information.

Adalaide- Thank you so much.

Janice- You really want to meet your mother don't you?!

Adalaide- Yes ma'am.

Janice- I really hope that we are able to make that dream come true for you.

Adalaide- Thank you. I have a quick question that hopefully you can answer.

Janice- Yes?

Adalaide- This investigation is private right? Because my dad and his wife forbid me to do this so they won't find out will they?

Janice- Not unless you make them part of this. That part we don't get involved with. If they find out it will be because you wanted them to know.

Adalaide- Alright, great thank you so much.

Janice- No problem at all. I wish you the best of luck.


Tyler- I can't believe you're going behind your parent's backs like this.

Adalaide- (taking a puff of her joint) They can't keep controlling my life like this anymore. Mindy's not my mom and my dad doesn't even act like a father. I'm doing this for me and they aren't gunna stop me.


Martin- Adalaide?


Martin- This is Martin. I was the PRI that investigated your mother. I found a lot of information and was wondering if you were able to come down to my office.

Adalaide- Yeah, I'l be right down.


Adalaide- Let's go.

Tyler- What? Where?

Adalaide- To find out about my mom. Come on.


Martin- Your mother was fairly difficult to locate but I tracked her down. You said you were born in '98 right?

Adalaide- Right.

Martin- Alright. So right after you were born she checked herself into a drug rehibilitation program and two years later she was released. She was off all of the drugs she was currently addicted to and moved to Colorado where she got a job and where her current residense is. I also managed to find out that she got into drugs again and returned to the same rehab program. This program is 300 miles away and I actually called giving no names what so ever and just asked wondering if they take visitors and the said they do.

Adalaide- What was the program called?

Martin- It was the Rehabilitation Center in Stoneybrook. I would be more than happy to call and set up a visitation for you.

Adalaide- Yes please.

Martin- I'll call right now.


RC- Stoneybrook Rehibilitation Center.

Martin- Hello. I called earlier about visitation. I was wondering if I could set up a visitation.

RC- Absolutely. What resident?

Martin- Amelia Walters?

RC- Amelia Walters? Why?

Martin- I'm sitting here with Ms. Walters daugher and this young lady would love to see her mother.

RC- Ms. Walters is right here let me just get the visitation request accepted by the resident. One moment please.


RC- Amelia? We have a visitor who would like to visit you is that alright?

Amelia- A visitor?

-- RC- What did you say the name was again?

Martin- Adalaide. Ms. Walters daughter.


RC- Yes, a visitor. Your daughter. Adalaide.

Amelia- My daughter??! Oh my goodness. Yes!!!


RC- Amelia sounds very excited for the visit. When would you like to set uo the visitation for?

Adalaide- As soon as possible.


Andy- Where are you going?

Adalaide- I'm going to the movies and then shopping with Tyler.

Andy- Are you lying to me?

Adalaide- What?! No.


Amelia- Adalaide!

Adalaide- Mom!


Amelia- Oh my goodness. You're so beautiful. Why are you crying?

Adalaide- I can't believe it's really you.


Adalaide- Why didn't you want me?

Amelia- Why didn't I want you?! Who told you that?

Adalaide- My dad.

Amelia- No. I always wanted you. Your father was the one who forced me to get an abortion. He missed his ex-wife and didn't want me or any child to get in the way of his old life. I was on drugs and was not in a stable position and your father and the courts used that all against me and I wasn't able to be involved in your life.

Adalaide- What?!

Amelia- I wanted you so bad but unfortunate circumstances made it hard for that to happen.

Adalaide- What about you then? Did you ever get married or have any kids?

Amelia- After rehab I moved Colorado and I got a job and I got deep into working and then I realized that my life wasn't complete with out my child and I started using again. So here I am again?

Adalaide- Why though?

Amelia- I couldn't do that to you. That woud just be unfair and plus I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

Adalaide- I'm really happy that I finally got to meet you, mom.

Amelia- Me too. 16 years of making up to do. So what's your life like?

Adalaide- I live with my dad, my brothers and him and his ex-wife got back together, so I live with her too.

Amelia- You don't sound so happy about that?

Adalaide- The womens a monster and my dad is just the same. When he found out that I wanted to meet you he forbid me and told me you didn't want me in your life.

Amelia- That's not true, honey. I want you to be in my life so badly. Not a single day that goes bye that I don't think about you and think about the life that we might of had together. I wanted my little girl so badly that I turned to drugs and alcohol again to solve a problem in my life that couldn't be solved.

Adalaide- When do you get out of this prision?

Amelia- When ever I want. How'd you know it's like prision.

Adalaide- I'm a drug addict. I've been here before. I know what it's like. What would you say to me spending my senior year with you?

Amelia- I'd love that. But what about your father? He wouldn't like that.

Adalaide- You see, it's not his choice.


Mr. Simons- Adalaide, your up.

Adalaide- My family is unlike any other...

Mr. Simons- Uh. You had another topic as requested.

Adalaide- By my father. This was important to me. So like I said, my family is like any other... My father was married and had 4 sons when he got my mother pregnant. My whole lfe my father has been telling me a big lie. He told me that my mother didn't want me so she got an abortion and when that failed she began using drugs to try and kill me. He used this aligation against my mother and this prevented my mother from being allowed to be in my life.

Now, I know what everyone thinks of me. You all think I'm a druggy. That's true. You're not wrong. Is it my fault though? No.

Being that my mother abused drugs I was born with an addiction to drugs and I still have that addiction today. I've been to rehab and I still can't get past this addiction.

When this assignment came out there was a comment made about me and who would ever want me and that I was unwanted.

I thought this was true from what my father always told me about my mother apparently not wanting me.

My father forbid me from meeting my mother and told me that if I reached out to her that I couldn't live with him anymore.

I reached out to my mother and I met her. Thanks to this assignment, I got the encouragment that I always needed and I met my mother.

My mother is the nicest, kindest, caring, and amazing person I have ever met in my entire life.

My father lied to me.

My mother always wanted me and my father was the one who forced her to get an abortion.

16 years of no relationship between my mother and I and now we are getting to kno each other slowly.

This assignment made me open my eyes and see the true values of people.

After school lets out for the summer I will be moving in with my mother and leaving Grimmswick.

I wanted to thank all of the people who underestimated my strength because I am stronger becaue of you.

------THE END--------



Submitted: August 06, 2015

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