High School Stereotypes.

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Stereotyping. High school has taught me a lot of things about stereotypes and stereotyping. Maybe, it's good to stand out from the crowd... be one of a kind!!!

Submitted: January 15, 2015

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Submitted: January 15, 2015



What is a Stereotpye?

A Stereotype is an image or idea that one gets about a person or thing. Most commonly people are set into groups or "cliques" which typically define who an individual is.

High school:

High school can be a scary place. You are preparing yourself for the rest of your lives in that place and you learn who your true friends are and aren't.

Some think of school as boring, they can't see a point. They will never use any of the "stuff" in their future so, why do they have to learn it? .... Some people see school as a chance to socialize and hang out with friends and have a fun time, break some rules... Others think that school is a safe haven and they love to learn because that is what their true passion is in life.

Those are all Stereotypes. School is the thing and what people imagine or think about it is the Stereotype.


In high school there are different cliques or groups. These groups are usually defined by the people in them.


The jocks are your sport people who think that everything has to be just so to be exceptable. Jocks can tend to be nice or just straight up jerks.

They tend to go after the pretty, drama filled, prom queen materialistic girls. They want someone who they look good with and could probably care less about the personality.

When a jock takes time out of their way, to help others, you will know that they are different.

Not all jocks are jocks for the same reason. Some may be a jock because they love sports and all the rest of their friends are jocks as well. Some may be jocks because their parents are making them to keep busy.

Preps/Drama/ Prom Queen:

This category this filled with frankly uptight, classy, drama and gossip lovers. They definetaly have a type and if you don't fit that image to the "T" then to bad, your not one of them.

They tend to think that they are better than all others and have to dress the part.

They try to be nice to others outside their group but go about so in a sarcastic, attitude filled way. They are always into other people's buisness and stretch the truth just to make themselves sound that much cooler.

They also tend to act "stupid" just to get attention.


Arists and Musicians are typically creative and have their own form of style. They have a gift and love to share it with others. Typically.

Some see art as a way to escape and really express themselves with pieces of art instead of words.

Musicians tend to let the music around them inspire what they do. The music happens to be their guide.


Goths/Emo come in all different shapes and sizes. These people tend to shy away from large groups and keep to themselves but their appearance does all their talking for them and their appearance usually tells a story.


When I was sitting in a classroom one of my teachers asked about outcasts and what they are. A girl raised her hand and simply said "over half of us in this room". The teacher looked appauled and asked the girl to explain. The girl said, " We are actually all outcasts. We see how people look at us and we all strive to be better. We have an image to keep but deep down we know who we really are.".

Unique/Different/ Outcast is a term used to define someone who stands out from the crowd. They can say alot by saying absolutely nothing at all.


We are all different and that is a beautiful thing. We are individuals and we need to start acting like it. We need to be ourselves and stop worrying what others think of us. We need to do what makes us happy and stop living other people's lives for them.

Be a leader. Not a follower.

Be yourself.



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