The why, not the way.

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Everyone has those moments in which they regret a decision, they second guess the choices they made, but those choices and decisions were made for a reason. Something lead them to that point and that is what should be focused on rather than the moment itself.

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



It’s the moment of pure passion, intensity, and emotion that just consumes you. One act can change a person in so many ways. Yet temptation overcomes you. As you let go, giving away everything you have to offer, you look up and meet those eyes. The eyes that have held yours for years, taking in every look, every tear, and every feeling you’ve ever known. You slowly begin to relax, enjoying the moment for what it is, perfection.

Falling asleep in a haze, it’s not tell the morning that the opposite feelings take over. You second guess your decision, wishing more than anything you could take it back. The regret, pain, bitterness can tear you apart, but what’s done is done. You must reenter reality and accept what has happened. Taking back a moment is impossible, but remembering why the moment occurred isn’t.  This is what should be remembered about every memory or moment; the why, not the way.

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