Forever and always!?!?!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The first love and only love the feeling you get(what i get) and this is how is happened.

Forever and always?!?!

I watch as your new girlfriend hangs on you controls you tells you what to do.

our eyes lock as your sea green eyes sparkle with delight.

I break the stare in frear of your 'girlfriend' seeing us staring at eachother.

You guys end it and another comes

at this point we are bffs.

I am sick of sitting here and watching your heart get broken over and over again.

These girls are nothing that you want if it ends in 2 months tops.

The look in your eyes burns with compasion as the eyes i see on your girlfriend are filled with hate and the need to desive others.

I know i shouldnt say anything but my heart is screaming at me to tell you how much i love you. Yet another girl beats me to the punch again.

the perfect moment to tell you is wasted once again.

i watch as only 2 days it last as the cold hearted soul ends it again.

My heart is pounding as you sit next me in class.

I think is he going to ask today? i dont know!

You lean in close and whisper sweet necter in my ears

"go out with me?" you whisper o so quietly

I am stuned as my hear must have stopped and all i do is nod and hug you with compastion and love.

(we have been together ever since then I love him and we will be together forever or at least for a long time and if your reading this i hope you felt the same way. idk if you guys have ever felt this way with a guy or girl but i want to hear about it so tell me plz and thanks)

Submitted: May 21, 2010

© Copyright 2022 kneats10. All rights reserved.

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