Do these towels smell funny?

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This is (hopefully) a bit of humor along with some very important information regarding laundry. If I ever come to your house and have to use a hand towel, I'd like to know it's clean.

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



My girls had dentist appointments the other day that allowed me an hours’ worth of "ME" time in the waiting room. At first, I was thrilled, thinking I'd find stacks of “People” magazines, maybe an “O”, if pickins' were slim, I'd gladly read a “Good Housekeeping”. Naturally, that wasn't the case, but still, it was an hour just for ME.

After thumbing through an “Auto Trader”, I turned to Diabetes Today and did a quick self-assessment. No surprise, looked like I needed to eat better and add a bit of exercise. Naively, I thought that would be the worst news I'd hear that day. It wasn't. Before long, the woman across the room hoarding the “Readers Digest” was called in for her appointment. She was barely out of her seat before I lunged toward the find. I've always liked the magazine, funny stories with little bits of information.

I came across an article about "germs"; basic hand washing info, a bit about shopping carts, and a study about laundry. Apparently, if you wash underwear with other items such as clothes, towels...etc., there is a good chance you're contaminating them with feces. In fact, after a load of undies, you're even supposed to run a bleach rinse through the washer. Now I don't want to imply that this is a major concern in our house, but let's face it, we're all a stomach bug or a burrito away from...well, you know.

This news was cause for a certain amount of panic. This is something I've never considered, so I was fairly certain that most of my friends and family hadn't either. When my girls came out from their appointments, we rushed home, thankful for the bit of time as the rest of my day was spent washing the crap out of my clothes.


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