I wish life were always this selfless.

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If only we could all keep the hearts that we had as children.

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013



My Grandma was already "old" and in assisted living when my daughter was born. Life, time and probably a list of no-good excuses, were some of the reasons we didn't visit as often as we should have. Now one of my biggest regrets. When we did stop to see her, my Grandmas face would light like a Christmas tree. She'd quickly mute "Wheel of Fortune" (though still loud and clear from the neighbors room) and would sit with her hands neatly folded, waiting and smiling.

My daughter, nearly two years old, would literally panic at ANY slight movement from my Grandma. After a stroke, her speech was slurred and well, she was old...she was pretty scary to her. I felt so sad for my Grandma, I knew her as creative, loving and always the first to laugh at a joke...I wanted my daughter to see the same. Though, my Grandma didn't seem to mind, she'd still sit and smile...take a cap nap, wake up, smile and light up at our presence all over again.

Time had passed and as we grew stronger and more independent, but my Grandma became weaker and more dependent. Now in a nursing home, I recieved a call telling me she was very sick and that "the end" was near. I quickly gathered myself and my daughter and headed to see her.

My daughter, now just shy of three was still terrified of her, crying and clenching me tightly as we walked into her room. Unaware of our presence and growing noise, my Grandma was motionless and sleeping peacefully. Heartbroken and feeling panicked, I rushed to talk with a nurse outside the room, telling my daughter I'd be "right back"...not even thinking of how young she was, leaving her with her own fears. After a few minutes, I headed back into the room, wiping the evidence of tears from my face. As I entered the door-way I saw the most amazing act of love and kindness...my sweet little girl, was at my Grandmas side, holding her hand. My Grandma, still soundly sleeping, lay now with a smile across her face. 

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