The Creative Mind

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If you are one with creativity on the brain, I encourage you to read this.

Submitted: June 28, 2013

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Submitted: June 28, 2013



Yesterday, the Mom of one of my daughters friends took her own life. Leaving behind 2 daughters, 17 and 14. It's incredibly sad to think that she felt life was a burden, too big to bear. While I hope that her soul finds peace, I can't help but think of the unrest and heartbreak that she has so selfishly caused for those now left to deal with the loss and confusion.

Which brings me to this tangent... I've struggled a lot in life. Since this is a place for writers to express their thoughts, albeit imaginary, based on personal experiences, happy stories or heart breaking poems...I'm guessing it's a creative outlet for most of you. And if you're creativity, you might agree that it's both a blessing and a curse.
I encourage all of you to do research on the creative brain. You'll see that we're tortured souls...that reek of talent, sure, but tortured nonetheless. I'm sure many of you were/are outcasts and loners. Maybe people call you crazy, your own parents probably thought you were lazy (unintentional rhyme). Unless you have a creative mind, chances'll never understand one. I'm going to go out on a limb here and keep the generalizations going, so bare with me. We're fragile little souls. Life has made us that way. Our minds are chaotic, they don't work like the rest. We don't see the world like so many do, so people think there's something wrong with you (I guess I'm a poet). Our brains thrive in a creative spurt, but wallow in a seemingly never-ending depression when we lack ideas or worse, inspiration. You probably all have what I call the Snow White Syndrome. Animals and little kids probably gravitate toward you...they can see your heart and the goodness that lies within. I could go on and on...but right now, I am currently lacking in both ideas and inspiration (GASP!!). I just wanted to put this out there....
If you feel alone, if you feel that no one understands you, if people call you crazy or tell you that you're not's just not true. You were given this gift...creativity is a gift. Creating something from nothing, no matter the content...writing, painting, music, I'll say it again (and again), it's a GIFT. If you're just starting to write, but find that you're not getting a lot of reads or positive feedback, don't worry, if your work touches one person, that's amazing. If you have the ability to make even one person feel less alone, you've changed their world. Though, I lack any knowledge in this matter, punctuation and grammar are technical aspects which a writer should posses but the feeling and emotion that goes into writing, those are human aspects and what will reach people the most. Don't be too hard on yourself, though I know you will...but try not to. Again, I STRONGLY encourage you to read up on the creative mind/brain and I bet that so many of you will have a giant sigh of relief knowing that you're not alone, that you are, in fact, abnormal, but in the most fantastic way.
I wish all of you the best in all your creative ventures.

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