Deep Silence

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when life making Darren as a quite guy. he is who passionately love Shue, try to send a sign with his evil side. nobody knows what is exactly happen in his deep silence

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Submitted: October 12, 2012



grew with silence.

there's no choice in Darren's life. being silence is the best match.

nothing bad with Darren's personality unless when life was making someone,Darren's at the process sometimes at the day he can't make it, he was so'listen-to-that-person'who judge him with that sarcastic note which is makeshim down mentally day by day and its get to break down in the edge.

that girl he like.

Shune- the girl with those pretty big brown eyes, Darren was like her buthe wasnt so good at tell about his feeling. We know Darren as well, quite guy.He is handsome tough. but he doesnt see it himself.

so you know about what i will writing in a few paragraph must guess this is about a boy quitely loving a girl named Shune.

yes it was. boring?

okay you may leave, but its not a simply story as that.there's so much extraordinary story that cant reliable.


Hey Shune, I Love You

thats words, Darren always want to say that to Shune directly. Being a lover, just two of them

this morning Darren going to Volvo College with those simply look. He was so simple; brown t-shirt, jeans, kets and ransel.

he was not a metro guy who look in to the mirror for several 5 minuts of a time

-to be continue-

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