Hiro Fujimoto, is what you call a loner. He is ignored by his classmates. And he feels lonely. He then tries to friend Akira Nishikawa, a transfer student. Since Akira is staying to accompany her father, there is no guarantee she'll be with him for a long time.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

Feelings blah blah blah...
Wishes blah blah blah...

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Chapter 3

Talking to girls is great ain't it, my fellow men?

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Chapter 5

It was morning and I was walking to school. But I can't believe how hot it is even though its not summer. I tried to use one of m... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

"Desk Neighbor, here's a lunch I made for you! I'll make it for you everyday so you won't have to eat bread," Akira said while handing me... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Nevermind about bringing it back guys, this one literally has no plot.
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Chapter 9

So i got more reads because of this... okay okay... I'll do it now. But it'll be short because I just got back from Japanese lesson and the trip from there back home was HORRIFYING and it was HOT.
(this chapter is written in my laptop, so it might look a little nicer)
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