Shards of my Reflection

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Nothing is more frightening than losing yourself.

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014



Revenge consumes you. The anger excites you. The danger calls to you. You open your eyes to face your enemy. An enemy so dangerous and fearful you must hold your breath.

You slowly turn around to face the enemy. The person that knows everything about you. You turn to face yourself. You look into the mirror and see your reflection.

How could you let yourself turn into this person? This unrecognizable creature? You let the world trap you with no way out. As you calmly lift the bottle to your lips you glance at yourself.

You don't recognize the person you are looking at. A once beautiful girl; turned into this horribly ugly person. You drop the bottle in fear. Fear for the future, fear for you life.

You take a step closer to the mirror and ram your fist into your reflection. With blood and pain pouring out; you throw the toxic waste down causing it to shatter. The shards cut through your rigid skin. The wounds send a shocking urge of improvement. As the pain subsides you grin and with the broken glass shards on the floor an image reflects back to you. You look down at the broken shards and you see you.

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