Bars to save a heart

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It's a short story based on a dream I had that represents a love that was never meant to be. Hope you enjoy

Submitted: October 26, 2014

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Submitted: October 26, 2014



Once on a dark and dreary night, there was a gold hearted, sad young man named Eleazar. The young man sat alone in his bedroom. Hair let down, crying, sulking at what life had done to the poor, poor inkling he called a soul. But from his chair he looked out his window, and noticed something peculiar. Outside there was fog and mist that couldn't be penetrated by the most radioactive sunlight, and that's when shit got heavy. He was in deep confusion about what had brought upon this dark scene, but he simply brushed it off and went back to sulking in his self righteous disparity. He knew something evil and vile was about, but Eleazar knew better than to go looking for it. Then, right in the middle of his thoughts, he heard a knock. But it was unlike any knock his ears had been introduced to. The knock echoed throughout the house, devouring the Oxygen in the air. The stressful noise lingered around like mixtapes that had never felt the warm embrace of a designated folder. The noise banged, and banged, and banged, raping what he knew to be reality. The frightened Eleazar slowly creeped low toward his door like a nigga sneaking up on a traphouse to obtain the product it held inside. He opened the door, and creeped even more low and even more slow down the stairs into his living room. He finally stood looking forward at the door of his house. He stared at the gateway to his household, scared out of his wits, eyes pacing back and forth like a scourned hoe enraged over late child support. The noise stopped and he was left unphased and turned to go back upstairs. As soon as he turned a single degree toward his safe haven, he heard another noise, but This noise held terror  that halted him dead in his movement. He ever so slightly turned towards the door, and leaned up to it not making sound to even equate a single decibel. It got closer, and louder, closer and louder, it only took a few seconds for him to conclude what this nightmare he was hearing was her. She was laughing as if she was a banshee, breathing like an exasperated bison, hungry as if she faced an ignited herbal staff with the presence of Rick Ross. But she wasn't famished for overpriced Mexican cuisine, she wanted something more, she wanted something Eleazar couldn't sustain being alive without, she wanted something no other being, good or evil would have the power to obtain but her, she wanted to dine on his beating heart and wash the taste away with his masculinity and pride. Eleazar thought fast, and stepped away from the door and made his way to the kitchen to evacuate through the back door. The beast could smell the fear she was proucing on his skin, and began to ravage the door, Yelling and screaming boisterously to gain access into his quarters. Eleazar said fuck it, opened the back door, hopped the rotten, fog soaked wooden fence and  made extreme haste down the road. He ran, and ran, and ran. He sprinted past the golden that illuminated with vibrant light and clogged arteries, thoughts still racing he stopped in the back parking lot of the establishment to catch the breath and nerves that left his body hundreds of feet behind him. Clutching his knees and tears visible in his eyes, he tried to get his thoughts in balance. He then looked back and saw her charging at him with the speed, strength and terrifying vocalization of that of an enraged low land gorilla. His bowles expelled a pugent odor of distress, and shit. He started booking it once more with no intention of stopping. He could hear the evil looming behind him but never dared to look back at it. Eleazar knew he didn't have long before she completely decimated him, so he lured her daunting ass to Brown Childress  Stadium. Elezar slipped through the gate and stopped at center field. He turned around, and she was feet away from having him in her mighty death grip with hands that were the large enough to have the potenti to cover one whole ass cheek of Beyoncé. Eleazar was sobbing, knees quaking, ready to give in. Sh inched closer, and closer, and closer. The closer she got strangely didn't make him more sad, it made him angry. "How dare I let such the basic of thots have enough control to bring me this much pain." he screamed. She stopped, and stood up  from her low land gorilla charging stance. She stared at him, and he surprisingly stared back. He looked deep into the cornea's of the most beautiful eyes his mortal sight have ever been able to be given the gift to look upon. The two maintained eye contact, unwary of the others next move. Eleazar, who's life had circulated around from running from what brings heart ache said with out a single tone break in his voice said "You'll forever have my heart and soul, and my mind you've even started to a cloud, I'm weak, and I'm powerless to your presence. You'll never not have that." She maintained a blank expression and shifted her muscles to go back into her charging position, as soon as she did, he yelled "BUT BITCH I'VE GOT BARS FOR DAYS, AND ITS ABOUT TIME THEIR DENSITY AND WEIGHT VANQUISHED THAT SOUR PUSS OF YOURS BACK TO COLDEST, DARKEST CIRCLE OF HELL FROM WHICH YOU CAME." She stared back menacingly, but it was to late. Eleazar took all the power in his mortal body and soul and spawned two microphones. He tossed one to her and proceeded to spit bars with the force of a thousand niggas. It was a rap battle unlike any other before. His bars carried more weight than legs that belong to buffet dwellers that only stand up from their hover rounds to get another full plate of bourbon chicken and fried shrimp. Lyrics and lines flowed out of Eleazar's mouth like lies spewed from a lobbyist to gain political advantages. Bar after bar after bar hit her harder than last. She was stunned by his lyrical tirade he previously pulled from the top of his cranium. The anger in his eyed fueled the flamethrower his scorched mouth and lungs were in cooperation of spewing across to her. His valiant effort ended with "you've fucked me without fucking me for years, and I won't stand to have it; I just spit 24 bars to savagely vituperate an evil faggot." He looked dead on to her beaming beautiful eyes,  dropped his mic, and in doing so collapsed the home stands behind her. She was left speechless, dazed, confused,  mouth quivering, not having the the ability to flow even the weakest of rhymes. She clutched the mic to her chest, laid her head down, and cried shamefully. The mixture of water, mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lacritin, immunoglobulins, glucose, urea, sodium, and potassium created in her eyes went trickling down directly to the field. Eleazar had no sympathy for the evil that sobbed before him. He picked up his microphone, clutched it in his palms with all his might and courage, sprinted towards her, leaped in the air, and delivered a mighty blow to the top of her dome. The punch was so strong, and so ferocious, her entire body expanded like a a balloon eating air from a commercial air compressor and in an instant, she exploded. The evil sadness that had been seared into Eleazar's heart and mind was finally forever vanquished. He stood looking at her lifeless carcass and in the softest tone said "it's sad such beautiful eyes and gorgeous tits turned out to be so evil and powerful, but the bitch never had bars."Eleazar walked home, sun rising in the frigid cold, but not even the temperature could cool down how warm he felt on the inside. He got to his door,and after all he had been through previously still fresh to him, he smiled. And just like that, evil would no longer be granted to have a foothold on his  psychological state solely because he finally acquired what the young champion need in his life the whole time, happiness. From that night forward, when the champion would lay his weary head, he had the peace of mind knowing nothing could ever get get to him, and if anything tried, he had bars equaling that that of pure uranium to protect him. And those facts alone was worth more than any piece of pussy in the world. The End

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