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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

China Attacks india in 2016

The Predicted War had started, China Had Attacked India,with Russia's help and America sent a garrison army into india. An Indian officer explained the attack in mid-invasion.

:There Tear Gasing us *Cough

My Men are... the sentence had ended at the word *are* and a scream, followed by airstrike onto his location.

The Year this took place was 2016, and America had two new Spec. Ops Units.

Incan- Allied Forces Garrison sent to Garrison, like in India at the invasion time.Force:1067

Shibeak-Assasination and water to surface flanking manuvers.

Operation Sar

Chinese border

April 16





Incan Team

Radio: Chinese Tanks fighting trenched Indian infantry 10 miles from base, Incan Forces, carry arms.

"Goo", Yut asked "hand me my AK, we got a job to do".

Goo took Yut's Ak-47 off the wall and threw it at Yut,then picking up his Dragonuv,G18 and Pm9. "They will feel HELL when they find our base location off of an officer's map"!

Yut climbed on top of the command center and aimed his Dragunov at the entrance.

Goo looked out the glassless window of Yut's and his temporary homes.

CHINESE!!! said an unknown voice. Screams destroyed the camp, head flown by heads, arms and legs flying, chinese tanks firing, chinese infantry shooting.

Yut sniped the Chinese infantry from the top of the roof, though he knew chinese mortar teams would destroy all buildings.

Goo shot and tanks with his Rpg-7 destroying them in an instant, knowing another may shoot back.

Choppers above were destroyed.

Chaos struck earth MEN DIED.

Submitted: April 02, 2012

© Copyright 2022 KnowTheEnding987. All rights reserved.

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