What Were We?

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Its just me venting alot of stuff just out in the open

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Time goes, people change.
But why, How many
Are now out of range
Family, Friends, significant others
we fight everyday
becuz we love one another
what prompts this range between communication
what shines a light in our eyes
unscrews a bolt in our heads
leading our fates to inevitable regret
and devestation
what charts our path
do we
no sirry
not while our worries
revive and reside over and over
within thee
how do we look passed all the turmoil
and wreckage
all the bondage
all the souls left in shackles
all the pain that we may not have
but Our children yet to...
simple answer my friends...
is that we do not look passed or ever get passed them..
we leave them festering and growing
as a pimple on the back end of a fuckin so called "Thriving society"
leave the mainstream
Look into variety
The life long question are we men or are we sheep!?
I propose to you that we are sheep trying to become men
to evade what we sew and reap.
I Submit to you that we are simply cattle rushed across field
or meadow
to wind up a meal at someones front door.
"What were we?"
our future generations will ask...
"We were Sheep"
"Man is a myth."
"And the theory of your kin of the past the plagued you passed on to them"
"Resists mind, body, and spirit."
"The Opposite of the Holy trin."
*Written By Knox AKA(Joshua Colber)

© Copyright 2018 Knox. All rights reserved.

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