Not like the others.

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Friendship is a fragile thing that against all odds, can overpower life itself.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013





"I was never really here, never really known by anyone. An outcast to most... But you were the one that did it. Made me not like the others. You took my soul and tore it into two, stole my innocent virtue, my purity and left me with nothing but hate. Yet I still love you. Why?"

Trodin Sat near tearful beside his worst enemy yet closest friend, Baron. Unlike Baron, Trodin only had one wing, black feathered and not strong enough to even raise itself. Baron had two beautifully plumed wings of ivory that were proudly spread out and hovered  over the two to shelter from the cold drizzle of the night. They had been sitting, overlooking the city, for most of the evening but it was only now that Trodin had broken the silence between them with words. Baron didn't even respond, so Trodin carried on, knowing he was probably just wasting his breath;

"Because you're the only one who would risk their existence to see me on mortal land. A hideous creature like me, blessed by the company of a close friend and being of glory like you. I can't live like this no longer, Baron."

"That's why I've come..." Baron mumbled with a sharp shudder, "To say farewell."

The half angel gave a glance upward from his fiddling fingers to glare at soft white feathers that fluttered off of Baron's wings. He was full of envy and it showed unmasked in his crimson eyes. The darkness delved deep in his heart but those eyes weren't hiding it well, not that they were trying to. Baron looked back with the marvelous blue ones of his own. They locked attention with one another and it was clear it wasn't going to pass.

"I didn't know you car-"

"I've cared since the start. But you've never looked paler..." Baron ran the back of his fingertips across Trodin's cheek in an attempt to change the subject that had always brought him discomfort. The compassion was rejected with a flinch away from his touch, however.

"I'll miss you."Trodin grinned before grasping Baron's hand tightly squeezing it for a moment, not letting go any time soon.

They both looked out over the top of the shimmering buildings of the city, out towards the golden line forming on the horizon. It was the dawning of a new day. It didn't take long for the sun to come into view. Trodin hissed between his teeth as hot tears spilled over his cheeks and dripped from his chin. Baron didn't dare look, just kept hold of his hand through his pain. He could smell it though. The stench of ashen skin. His friend was burning away, flaking off into small blossoms. Blossoms? They drifted past his sight, caused him to check Trodin. He was smiling like he had never smiled before.

"I told you," Baron grinned, gripping nothing more that faded pink petals that once were the makings of a solid hand, "you were always beautiful on the inside. Even after losing your wing."

The sun had fully risen. A light breeze carried off what was left of Trodin's floral body. All that remained were a scattering of black feathers, tainted white.

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