World So Cold

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My opinions of the world and its cruelity.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



World So Cold:

A world so cold is the start of my fears,
A world so cold is the cause of my tears,
Everything dead around me
The plants, the animals, the trees, the life it brings
Everything is cold to the touch
Inside and out, frozen with doubt.

Everything I see is in ruin;
The buildings, the families,
The government that remains, yet to be true
On the verge of collapsing,
Breaking faster, not lasting.

Amongst the dust, the chaos, no one sees,
The little child on her knees.
They are blind.
She lay beside her mother’s grave,
Confused as to what the reason Death has came.
Weeping upon the dirt, her tears spilling over, full of hurt.

The world is cruel,
And I have experienced its first hand pain.
The life we live is better than some, but worse than others.
I don’t complain.
This is what God has given me, and for that reason I must stay.
We are all here for a reason.
And my reason is my pain.

What I have seen.
The things that I have heard,
The tears that I have wept,
The loss I have felt.
The betrayal I’ve made,
And the anger I’ve kept.

Locked inside of me,
My mind functions unevenly.
Keeping the scars as a mere memory.
The battle wounds inflicted show upon my arms.
The scars of my life, the scars of my qualms.
Survival of the fittest and the fittest I’ve become.
So look upon me ashamed, look at me afraid.
This is your fate.
And your fate you have claimed.

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World So Cold

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