And There It Goes

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Haha, technology.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



I was sitting, typing away as miserable as I was. I like to let my mind drift when I type. It makes the time fly by so much easier. That's when I begin to think about her. 

Oh how I long to share the same air with her once again. But I had to get the project done before I could end the day. 

Suddenly there was a crash. Out of no where Open Office closed! 

Staring blankly at my screen I hadn't known what happened yet. She was still on my mind, our lips almost touching. Then my project was gone and pictures no longer filled my screen. There was just a box asking me whether or not I wanted to recover my document.

I said no because I already saved it. So I reopen it and as I begin to scroll down it closes again. 

"You will not win, technology!" I shout at my computer and grab my external hard drive. I transfer my work over to laptop and open up MicrosoftWord. 

"MicrosoftWord cannot open .... because it is larger than 32 mb."

"Impossible!" I exclaim.

I check the file in the explorer and it is true, the file is 632 mb. 

Touchè Open Office, touchè.

Slowly the words from her lips surface to my mind, "I told you so. I told you you'd be up all night if you didn't work on it earlier. I told you so. I told..."

The words begin to drift off as I place my fingers to my head and press the bottle of soda to my lips. 


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