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I am writing about war because war is one of the biggest problems in the world but it is also the most pointless. It is one thing that humans have the ability to control, unlike famine or pestilence.

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011



Back in the day of kings and queens, there were two young ladies who were dear friends. Their names were Frantoline Fratolits and Carti Catoni, or as their friends called them, Fran and Car.

The two friends came from two separate wealthy families. Their families had been neighbors for years and never spoke to each other. It wasn’t until both girls were about one year old that the two families even noticed one another.

On the day that everything changed, Fran and Car were out at the lake, relaxing underneath their favorite shady tree.

“Fran, do you think we will ever be able to get out of here? I mean we are fifteen. I don’t want to spend my life married to a husband who comes home just to take me into his bed. I couldn’t take that! Plus all those kids we would end up having, it would hurt so bad,” Car said to Fran as she peered up into the cloudless blue sky.

Fran chuckled. “Of course we will.” All of a sudden Fran jolted upright. “I have got the most perfectest idea ever!” Fran’s eyes were wide as she was stared at Car.

Car turned her gaze from the sky sat up to face Fran. “Perfectest isn’t a word, Fran. If the Elsie was here she’d hit you with her ruler so hard,” Car said. She chuckled as she imagined their old school teacher Elsie appearing from behind the tree with her ruler in her hand.

Fran jumped to her feet and pulled Car’s arm, pulling her to her feet as well. Car stumbled as she was yanked to her feet by her friend.

“Follow me!” Fran exclaimed as she ran towards the direction of town.

“Wait for me!” Car shouted after Fran as she tried catching up.

Car finally caught up to Fran when she stopped right outside the gate to her family’s house. She was crouching behind the small stone wall that divided her family’s yard from the street.

“What are you doing?” Car asked, not even thinking to keep quiet.

“Shush!” Fran whispered in a harsh tone. Fran grabbed onto her friend’s sleeve and pulled her down to a crouching position.

“What are we doing here?” Car whispered.

“We are going to steel one of my father’s gnomes!” Fran whispered in an excited tone.

Another thing about these two families was that they really loved lawn gnomes. No one knew why, it was just one of life’s mysteries.

Car stared at Fran with a bewildered look. “Why?”

“Because it will be fun to watch him flip out and it’ll get your mind off this whole marriage thing,” Fran said, gazing over the stone wall at the lawn gnomes.

Fran stood up slowly and quietly. She put her hands on top of the stone wall and as she jumped swung her feet over, landing softly on the grass.

“What happens when you get caught?” Car whispered nervously.

“I haven’t yet,” Fran smirked.

“You’ve done this before?” Car whispered frantically.

Fran just pressed her finger to her lips and turned back to face the lawn gnomes. There had to be dozens of lawn gnomes but only one stood out among the rest.

Fran walked over to a golden gnome, its hand was raised high and two of its fingers were spread apart to form a sort of V. She plucked it up and hid it under her dress just as she heard the door beginning to open.

Car gasped and ducked under the wall entirely so she couldn’t be seen. Fran dashed to the wall and jumped clean over it. As she landed, Car grabbed the back of her dress and pulled her down.

The door opened and out stepped a skinny man in nice looking nobleman’s clothing. He whistled a joyful tune as he walked down the path to the gate. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. He turned his body slowly and began to walk over to his gnomes. He let out a scream of agony and anger.

“Blast you Catoni! You have taken my gnomes for the last time!” the man shouted.

The door of the next house swung open and out stepped a big burly man dressed in blue overalls and a red undershirt. His steps pounded as he approached the stone wall that divided the two families’ lawns.

“What are you babbling about Fratolits?” the man’s voice boomed.

“You keep stealing my gnomes! I want them back!” Mr. Fratolits shouted, stepping closer to the wall.

“Why would I want your stupid gnomes when my gnomes are so much better?”Mr. Catoni chuckled.

“Because you are jealous that my gnomes are placed symmetrically around my gold gnome and now you have stolen my gold gnome. Give him back!” Mr. Fratolits whined.

“You are beginning to annoy me Fratolits. I don’t have your blasted gnome!” Mr. Catoni’s voice boomed with anger.

“You are a liar and a thief. If you do not give it back I will have the guards take you in for treason against the king!” Mr. Fratolits said, smirking.
Instead, Mr. Catoni balled his hand into a fist and cocked it back. Mr. Catoni let loose his fist, catching Mr. Fratolits right in the middle of his face. The force of the punch flung him back ten feet.

Mr. Fratolits sat up and wiped his lips on the back of his hand. Looking at it, he saw there was blood smeared on it.

“I hope you realize this means war,” Mr. Fratolits said smiling, showing off his new gaps where he was missing some teeth.

Mr. Fratolits jumped to his feet as he drew a dagger from a hidden sheath in his pant leg. He charged at Mr. Catoni with vengeance in his eyes.

Mr. Catoni gritted his teeth and readied his fists.

Just before the two collided, the two girls stood up from behind the wall. “Stop!” they shouted in unison.

Mr. Fratolits stopped so abruptly that he stumbled a bit. The dagger went limp in his hands and Mr. Catoni’s fists dropped to his sides.

“What are you doing here, Fran?” Mr. Fratolits asked in surprise.

“We stole your gnome, not Mr. Catoni,” Fran said, revealing the golden gnome from under her dress.

“Why would you steal my gnome?” Mr. Fratolits asked in confusion.

“Why do you hate Mr. Catoni so much?” Fran retorted.

“I…well I…uh…that’s different,” Mr. Fratolits stammered.

“I understand Fratolits. I am not too heartfelt to other people either. But today let it be known that the Fratolits and Catoni, from this day forth, bring their gnomes together. This golden gnome shall be the sign of peace among us,” Mr. Catoni said. He walked over to Fran, took the gnome from her and put it on the wall that divided the two families.

Mr. Fratolits smiled his toothless grin. “Yes, let this be a sign of peace.”

Ever since the day the two families almost killed each other, kingdoms have used gnomes as a sign of peace. And now, even in the present day, they are used. There are no more wars because everyone has a gnome and gnomes ease the mind of the people.

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