The curious case of Benji's Buttocks

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Poor Benjamin passes away..but that's not it...what did the doctors find in his 'buttocks'? An ivestigation :)

Submitted: September 12, 2009

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Submitted: September 12, 2009



Well...poor Benjamin passed away...ten minutes past nine@night, says the post-mortem report. The 'medical' cause of death is clear...but not the 'real' one. Heart attack- said the doc who 'cut open' his bosom...but the question remains...did someone tear open his chest...well literally his 'heart'...before the doctor did?


All fingers point to Mary...the only licensed pal the bastard had. Oooo...sorry...not to hurt his soul...he was 'technically' a bastard (reference- Websters). Their friendship was a celebrated one. But our interview wid the gal revealed nothing be honest we haven't yet caught her 'conscious'. The news of Benji's death pushed her into the so called 'coma of remorse' (medical professionals don't yet have an explanation for this entity called 'coma of remorse'). "L.O.C technically-Loss of Consciousness, I would recommend an MRI" says the new neurologist in town. But owing to the lack of detailed biography and trust, Mary's parents are not yet ready to do the expensive MRI...they believe in splashing a bucket of water instead.

So finally we succeded to get in touch with Benjamin's soul.
The total lack of interest that his pals showed to excavate further into the causes of his death actually forced his soul into contacting us.


"Almost a lifetime..had i dedicated to the bitch...the one i still love...just 'coz i didn't make another friend in life...

and u know what? I rung her up pour the burning acid out of my heart and cool my burning mind...

she listened in patience...i could hear the faint music that meant her lap top is loading...

she listened in patience...i freed myself of the lump that troubled me 4 ages...

and u know what? Once i told it all...she asked "hey tell me how to burn a multisession d.v.d...also the next time we meet...get me the setup of vlc mediaplayer. N by the way...hey don't worry k...i was listening to you...cheer up"

We didn't prolong the session...for we learnt from our researches that Benjamin was not perfect. Niether is the world around him.

The post-mortem examination report also revealed that his 'ass was screwed up'. A metallic piece of Nail was recovered from between his buttocks.

"I am curious", says doc, "The poor guy should really have got screwed up"

Perhaps we've gotta wait...till Mary is outta the coma of remorse.

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