Dear Lily

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This was my first major story. I am very proud of it and have shared it with many. I have changed this story multiple times as well. I turned it in for an assignment and got an A+ and it is also 19 pages in length. This story is primarily about a brother's love for her sister and his attempts to try and fix his mistakes. I'm not sure what else I can say about it. I had some problems getting on here so please ignore the random spacing. Thanks, comments are appreciated. Enjoy :)


 November 5th.

 Autumn is a time of change. Leaves departing from their trees, gliding towards the ground and landing softly on the grass, only waiting and anticipating to be moved onto a new piece of earth. As the cycle slowly continues the leaves grow old and weary, changing from green to yellow to red to brown. Just like us; we grow old and change. Sometimes being a good thing and sometimes a bad thing, we don't know until the day when we realize we have changed. However this seemed fairly easy for Chris; he could see when people were beginning to change and then when they have disappeared completely, and have evolved into a new person. He could always write about his thoughts through poetry but only when he was at the right place. This place was somewhere in the forest, only during autumn when the leaves were at their peak of beauty. That was all he needed to put a smile on his face and for him to reassure himself that his life could be good and change for the better. When he wanted to take himself away from the painful reality of life, and re-find the pleasure in writing, he went to the forest, his place of peace. He first went up to his bedroom to gather his belongings, his notebook, drowned in stories of self reassurance, sorrow and pleasure. He grabbed his writing utensils, otherwise then being unable to record his thoughts onto paper.  Chris only wrote with colored pencils. He wanted to be unique. The last thing that he carries with him is a wind chime, one that has the seamless pitch and flows in the wind so easily and light while letting the soft sounds roll. He treasured the sound of the wind chime; it helps him think in better detail about what he's writing.

And even more so, the wind chime was hand made by a little girl he loved with all his heart. His younger sister Lily had made it for him when she was six. Seven years later Chris was now 19 and a “strapping young lad,” as Lily would mockingly say. She could always make him laugh. She was so beautiful, with her long and lovely dark brown hair, with her vast green eyes that voiced so many stories. He could reminisce childhood memories that he spent with her and relive them as if they were currently happening. He loved her and would do anything for her. He was her big brother- it was his job to look after her and protect her from anything, and personally he thought he did a pretty good job, until that chilly blustery day in October. He couldn't bear to think of that horrid memory. Although, in his dreams, when his self conscious took over he could think about it, unwillingly of course. His dreaded nightmares attacked him throughout the night waking him in a cold sweat. Thanks to his stupidity, he couldn’t see Lily anymore and that was destroying him.

That one day in late October...all he was trying to do was set things straight and instead he only made the matter much more complicated then it needed to be. He had messed up both his life and his sisters', how he wished he could take it back, not a day passed that he hadn't wished it. No matter what else happened, he couldn't change the past.. The idea of writing about what went on that night had spanned his mind several times but he just couldn't take the time to write down the details.

 With all his necessities for writing in hand, he set out into the forest to his haven. Near the backside of his house there was a pathway that guided him through the trees and down further into nature’s closet. He traveled deeper inside the depths of the forest. He reached his beloved sanctuary that Lily had elected when they just moved into the house. Chris hung up the wind chime on a small branch over his head and slid down the tree trunk until he reached the ground. He didn’t care that in his action he acquired microscopic pieces of bark on himself. They hid well within his thick deep chocolate hair. There was nothing to sit on; only the leaves that danced along the air as the wind brutally thrust them higher. The breeze stirred and whirled, making his wind chime roll with sweet clings and clangs. His smile grew smaller as the thought of her entered his mind.

 All the same, he still loved to hear it chime. So now at peace with the world, he opened his notebook to a fresh, unused page and began to write. He didn't know what he was writing about exactly but he didn't care; he just wanted to write. He needed the escape that writing provided and he realized that escaping from the world is a much easier path to take than facing it. Words are amazingly inspiring if arranged together correctly, like a jigsaw puzzle. With his green pencil, slowly wearing it down, he wrote for hours; not caring that the sun was slowly starting to say farewell, only until it started to get colder and darker as the day wore down. Not being able to see much else that he had written, he finally tugged his pencil away, gathered his belongings and headed home. During the walk he could only barely make out the smudges of green that were printed onto his paper. He wasn’t that surprised when he realized it was about Lily even though he paid no attention to his hand as he scribbled furiously. He wouldn't let himself get close to any other girl: a girlfriend to hold, to kiss, and to love unconditionally. Not after that blustery day in October.

 He had literally beaten himself up for what happened, he hated that he had been so stupid, so naive. He remembered crying himself to sleep over Lily, something he hates to admit. Chris never cries, he doesn’t see crying as a manly action but no man is made from stone. She was the one person in the world that he could trust with everything he told her. She was the type of sibling who wasn’t a bother, she wasn’t annoying and Chris was always happy to spent time with her. Now arriving at his house, he went through the door to finish reading his story about his sister. Since he was writing without really paying attention, it wasn’t a story but more an outline and little notes that he could create into a story. Again he wasn’t shocked to find out that it was about that gusty day in October, when he was trying to make out the words outside all he could read was just little things about her. He read his out of control handwriting with sorrow as the memories began to drill painfully into his skull once again. He put the notebook down and went upstairs to cleanse himself, hoping to wash the memories out of his head. Not much luck followed him into the shower, about half-way through he broke down. The water falling down on him only reminded him of his own tears, so he let them leak not giving a damn about his pride. Chris started punching the walls out of frustration. His hands eventually made a hole in the wall and he started bleeding from his tense knuckles. The blood flow didn’t trouble him; he had done much worse before. Now falling to his knees bawling in the shower he begged God to bring her back.
He screamed and sobbed, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry Lily! I’m so sorry. I would do anything to take it back. Please let me take it back, please God please.”

He screamed and cried as hard as his body would allow and buried his face in the palms of his hands. He permitted the warm water to run over him as he knelt in the shower trying to gain control on his emotions. Chris truly believed that he was awfully pathetic. Calming down enough he removed himself out of the shower, dried off and settled into a silent cry. He felt so weak and feminine. He began to question why he had even ventured into the willows. The deep adoration he had for his family was still and forever will be strong, they meant everything to him. His family was his rock to balance on and now he had cracked it, breaking it. He remembered when he loved another; her name was Rena, now a cursed name. Thinking back on Rena he could remember everything about her. Everything went perfectly between them in the beginning until the day she turned him into a murderer. Chris had never hurt anything with a beating heart until that day. She made him take a life that was once so important to him. He cherished life and thought it was wrong to steal it from anyone. That wasn’t his job, it was the Devil’s and by committing the crime he had altered himself and was now one of Satan’s followers. He had changed drastically and in his hazel brown eyes he didn’t see himself in the mirror anymore. In place of his reflection stood a stranger he didn’t recognize, and he didn’t want to get to know this man who stood before him. Chris became terrified of that alien and so he covered some mirrors and smashed others without regret. The broken glass made him feel like he was finally doing something right, but that feeling quickly faded when the shards sliced his hands into clean cuts. In some ways it felt good, like a relief but he knew it was wrong to spill blood, his or anyone else’s. Chris knew that Lily was in a better place now, at least that’s what everyone else kept telling him. He came out of the bathroom, now dry, turned off the lights and got into bed, hoping to get some sleep but his outline that he wrote earlier was eating and picking at him. It was haunting him, silently calling out his name and begging him to come read and think about his mistakes. He wanted to answer the call and sit down to finish it. However, at the same time he knew that eventually he would just break down again. He wasn't strong enough for that yet and he didn’t need the weakness that tears presented. Chris had only just regained his pride and he didn’t want to lose it again, he needed to feel strong. He didn't think that he could write about it in detail until he went over it in his mind, which he didn't want to do either. Chris was stuck at a crossroad, so unsure of the right path. He didn't know what he wanted, whether it was to try and write it down first or think about it all over again. Either way he knew it was going to end painfully.

 He put his head in his hands and looked up at the ceiling. What he wanted more than anything was to see Lily now and have her back with him. He knew though that it was never going to happen because it was impossible, but he could hope. At the very least he could hope for sister back. He was reminded every night by the horrid nightmares that attacked him in his sleep. Every night he saw her face. He decided to think about everything right then and there in his bed. He started at the beginning:
The date was October 15th when his eyes set on that one girl with stunning beauty, short midnight hair and blue eyes that stared deep into you. He couldn't stop staring at her and she was sitting at the bench across the way at the park. Chris had taken Lily here, one of her favorite places, after school. He wanted to talk to her, but thought she would be way out of his reach. She would catch him looking at her and he would quickly look down then look back up to see if she had looked away; sometimes she had and sometimes she hadn't. But when she had seen him she would lightly laugh and his face would turn tomato red. She was reading a book on the bench; her legs crossed with her high heels black boots that went up past her knees. Chris thought she looked very sexy and sweet. Lily giggled every time he looked back at that lady; she could tell he wanted to talk to her, just a hello. She wanted him to; she wanted him to be happy with a girl, but he always claimed that he didn't need a girlfriend and that he didn't want one. But Lily knew her brother better than that; she also knew that guys his age didn’t go as long as he did without a girlfriend.

“You know, you keep staring at her.” Lily said without trying to laugh.

Chris turned to look at her, “Is it really that obvious? I didn’t think she noticed, at least not that much. And besides, I enjoy seeing the people that come through the park; it’s not a big deal Lil.”

Slightly annoyed she countered his argument, “Well, yea. I mean you look up at her like every five seconds and that’s not me exaggerating. Besides, if you really enjoyed people watching then you’d be lookin’ at everyone else in this park not just her duh. Chris just be a man and go say hi. It’s really simple, you’re just being stupid.”

Chris took his eyes off the woman from the bench again and pushed Lily’s shoulder playfully, “No way! In the real world, you know for like adults and stuff, things are not that simple. Besides, I’m mostly suppose to take care of you.”

“Yeah when I was like a baby but I’m thirteen now I can take care of myself and mom and dad.” She said defensivly.

“Psh ha! Please you don’t even know how to drive yet.”

“Well yeah…I cant till I’m sixteen, but I can run pretty fast.”

“Yeah right, just run everywhere, good plan.” Chris glared up at that lady again which set Lily over her breaking point.

“You know for a “guy” you’re like really overly dramatic. If you won’t take care of this then I will.”

“No! You will stay here with me, I’m your ride home and I doubt you remember how to get there if you chose to run.”

“Yeah cuz you’d really leave me here by myself Chris?” she said challengingly.

Chris thought for a moment, “Fine, you win.”

“Exactly, I win, I always have and I’m pretty sure I always will. Now get a move on!” She stood up, grabbed her brother's arm. He stood up with her but he was not going to go over to that pretty woman.

“Lily, no seriously I’m not going. If you hadn’t noticed she is way out of my league and she’ll say no if I ask her on a date. I’m not good enough for her. In fact…no one is probably good enough for her, she deserves someone perfect.

Lily yelled at her brother loudly on purpose, gaining that woman’s attention. “You are so PATHETIC Chris. Just go, you’re being really really stupid I’m sure she’ll say yes just have some damn confidence!”

He covered her mouth with his hand, “Shut up! You don’t understand, you’re too young. But if you stop freakin yelling I’ll go over there okay?”

With a smile of victory on her face she lightly said, “That was all I was asking.” She gave her brother a little push. When he didn't move, she went ahead of him and walked over to the woman sitting on the bench. Chris tried to stop her, wanting to tell her he would do it, but he couldn't say that now; she had already went up to that girl and was talking to her like they were the best of friends. He stopped halfway between his bench and hers, where Lily was; he felt so stupid and backed up to his bench, where he sat and looked over at his sister. Covering his head in his hands smoothly, he felt like leaving. He wanted to leave so bad, to just get away from this embarrassment. He looked across at them again and saw that Lily was pointing to him.
“Oh god kid, what are you doing?” He whispered to himself. Chris could feel the butterflies being born into his stomach and even more so when he realized that Lily was getting closer to his location. He stood up too fast and almost lost his balance, feeling more and more pathetic as the seconds drifted by slower than usual.

“Hi, you must be the guy who Lily was talking about, Chris right? I’m Rena; it’s nice to meet you.” Rena held out her hand for Chris to shake but he felt paralyzed and it was as if someone had shut off his brain.
Finally he caught up with the time, “Yes, I’m Chris, uh…Hi Rena.” He went over his sentence in his mid after saying it and he wanted to smack his face.
“Hi, so… Lily said that you really desperately wanted to talk to me about something? And I kinda believe her cuz you kept looking at me…constantly.”
“Yeah I’m sorry about that and I don’t deny what she said, honestly I just…I think you’re really pretty and… I was hoping that maybe I could take you out sometime? If you don’t want to that’s okay, I mean we can leave if—“
Rena put her hands up in front of him smiling, “Chris stop it’s okay. And yes. I will go out with you it sounds like fun.”
The biggest wave of happiness and relief masked Chris completely, “Awesome! Uh I mean…okay…”Lily felt pretty proud that she had been the one to get Rena to come over and talk to her brother. They hit it off pretty well, and it wasn't long until he was inviting her over for dinner. He didn't realize that having a girlfriend could open his eyes to extraordinary things. He thought about Rena all the time: her smile, her deep, crystal- like blue eyes, her laugh, and how she made him feel. He thought about how she would fall asleep talking to him on the phone late at night. He thought about holding her hand and keeping her safe. He really felt like he was falling head over heels for her and Lily told him she liked her too. It was always the three of them together, which upset Rena sometimes. She wanted Chris to herself and she wanted Lily out of the picture. But she could see that they were close, and Chris wouldn't ever tell her to go away or get lost. Rena figured that she would have to get Lily to leave herself. Rena wanted romance, but Chris wanted family, apparently that was very important to him, Rena didn’t feel the same. She was realizing that he wasn’t good enough for her but she didn’t want to let him go. As a result, Rena got more involved.

 She’d come over and hang out with the two of them all the time and everything was fine until one day, when she arrived early. Chris wasn't home; he was out running last minute errands. Lily was grateful to have some time alone with Rena, to really get to know her. Rena felt the same way only she wanted to get Lily alone to scare her off. No one knew that Rena had done wrong in her past; she was very secretive about it. No one had recognized her either, now that her hair was dyed black and cut short from her original long, curly red hair. Rena was a criminal and was being searched for murder a few states away. When she didn't get what she wanted, she would take matters into her own hands no matter what the cost. She always got what she wanted. And now she wanted Chris to herself.

 She started out slowly by showing Lily something she kept in her back pocket: a knife.
“Rena, what are you doing with that?” Lily hadn’t known anyone else who carried a knife on them. She didn’t even think Chris did that and that was a guy thing.
“I know it’s intense but I have a good reason to carry it. If I had this with me on the day my life changed then I would still have my best friend.”
“What do you mean? What happened?”
“Well it’s kinda hard to talk about but I’ll try.” She started creating fake tears, “I was walking my friend home one day because I left something at her house and she didn’t live too far so I figured why not. And just, out of nowhere, we got jumped. These two guys came out the shadows and attacked us. It was so scary Lily! They…they killed Beth and I had to watch. It was awful, and they were going to kill me too but the cops came. They ran off and I tried to help Beth, I really did but the police said there was nothing I could do.” She sobbed uncontrollably. “I miss her so much we did everything together, she was like my sister and now she’s just…she’s gone. So that’s why I carry a knife with me, but Lily I swear I could never ever use it on someone. I swear, please believe me.”
 Lily was in shock, she wrapped her arms around Rena and tried to comfort her in a soothing voice, “Of course I believe you Rena, it’s gonna be okay. Try to calm down Chris will be back soon and we can all talk okay?”
“No! don’t tell him please, Lily please! I’m trusting you please don’t-”
“Okay okay I wont I promise don’t worry.”
Rena could see that Lily was now on her side, and so as time stretched on, she continued to tell Lily her secrets. She got into stories of stealing, cheating, robbing and killing. At the mention of murder, Lily started to get really worried, but Rena always came up with a way to keep Lily on her side, no matter what the story happened to be. Rena added details to each story, some of blood and some of sorrow. Lily was starting to wonder if Rena would have to go to rehab or something; she wanted the best for Rena, and she knew that Chris did too. Lily then thought it was best to tell Chris the stories that were passed down to her from Rena.

Chris had invited Rena to come and spend the day with him and Lily, nothing special, just hanging out and relaxing. Of course Rena had said yes; she loved spending time with Chris and she wanted to tell Lily more stories. She arrived at Chris's house around 3:00 pm and spent the day watching movies and expressing gestures of love to him. Lily had not bothered them much which pleased Rena and secretly Chris sometimes, he liked spending time with just Rena. Lily, however, was worried about later when she would tell her brother about the things Rena had done.
 She didn’t want to break her promise to Rena but she thought it best to tell him about the stories. That was why Lily was leaving them alone, to fully plan out how she was going to spill Rena’s secrets. Lily wanted to tell them right before Rena was going to leave, then making it less awkward for all of them, or so she thought. The secrets she was keeping were eating her alive; she had to tell them to Chris. It was too much pressure for her to hold. The more time she spent by herself, the more she grew anxious and wanted to tell Chris. It felt like the butterflies in her stomach had evolved into vicious creatures clawing at her insides. She couldn’t take the stress anymore, she felt as if she would burst. She forgot about her developed plan and went to find the two of them.

 It didn’t take long to find them, but when she did she felt self-conscious by the scene. Lying on top of her, Chris was lip wrestling with Rena viciously. She found it quite odd that she had walked in on them and she felt ready to leave and forget everything but then he noticed her. Rena hadn’t until Chris pulled away, sheepishly.
 He didn’t look at Rena, only at Lily and tried to explain, “It’s nothin’ Lil, sorry we shouldn’t be doing stuff like this when you’re here.”
 While Chris tried to explain, Rena started getting upset and interrupted him.


Chris’s face was attempting to recover from Rena’s hand.
“Why should it matter whether she’s here or not Chris? You hardly ever kiss me! And the one and only time I get you to go somewhat further, you stop because of your “darling little sister.” She’s not that young anymore! She’s thirteen and she’s gonna be doing shit like this too. Stop protecting her from nothing.” Rena hit him again harder, but Chris had grasped her hand right before his cheek was in her reach.
“Lily, leave now.” Chris spoke in a monotone voice; he didn’t want to yell at Rena in front of his sister.
Lily didn’t want a fight to break out, considering the things Rena had done before to get what she wanted, and Lily knew that Chris wouldn’t be too nice to Rena now for yelling the way she did. Lily stayed where she was, which didn’t please her brother. He went to tell her again to leave, but before he could, Lily had done it.
“Chris I have to tell you, I can’t keep it from you anymore! Rena has killed people Chris! She’s on the run from the police. She tells me these stories when you’re not around and I wanted to tell you Chris I really did. But I promised her I wouldn’t say anything but I can’t Chris, I can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry!”
Lily was out of breath after saying this and scared about the results. Chris looked back at Rena wide-eyed and a shocked expression was plastered on his face. He knew Lily wouldn’t lie to him, but he asked Rena anyway if it was true.
“Rena what is she talking about? Did you really do what she said? Tell me the truth.” Chris could hardly breathe.
 Rena kept her eyes on Lily, instead of looking at Chris. The evil look and rage in her eyes made Lily start to slowly back out of the room and tears were formed in her eyes.
 Rena stood up and asked, “Lily why did you have to tell him? Why did Chris have to know? Huh! You little brat, you promised me that you were on my side and that you keep this between us. You lied to me.”
“Rena I’m sorry…I just couldn’t…I didn’t mean to, I just—“
“Lily leave the room okay, let me handle this.” Chris tried to say soothingly to not scare his sister too much.
He stood up and grabbed Rena, “Answer me.” Rena only smiled at him and Chris refused to let his grip go. “Lily I mean it. Go!”
This time, she listened. As she was leaving, she could hear Rena trying to get out of Chris’s hold. Rena refused to answer Chris's question, and he was getting impatient with her. Finally, he had had enough and threw her over his shoulder and carried her up to his room. He was going to find out the truth one way or another.
Lily could hear them go up the stairs and she thought it would be best to wait on the porch so she left the kitchen. Lily had never heard her brother yell and was hoping not to, but she could hear Rena just fine.
“Why can’t you just spend time with me you jerk!? Lily shouldn’t be with us 24 freakin’ 7 why don’t you get that? She’s holding us back don’t you see?”
 Sitting on the porch swing outside, Lily was waiting patiently for the yelling to stop.
Chris had laid Rena down on his bed and sat next to her. He gently asked again, “Rena please, tell me the truth, we’re alone now. Did you really do what my sister said?”
 Chris knew that Lily could over react to some things, he expected nothing more from a child but he didn’t think she’d take it that far. Rena thought that maybe she could get out of this mess by putting on an act as the poor, innocent girl.
“Chris, listen to me. Lily is wrong; I’ve been the victim this whole time. Yes I told her some things of my past but she wasn’t supposed to tell you. Why don’t you trust me?”
Chris just looked at her, “Why would you tell a thirteen- year-old things like that? She’s just a kid.”
She replied by yelling at him, “I don’t want her around don’t you get it!?”
 Rena had made that very clear to both Chris and Lily. Chris of course had no idea that Rena had felt this strongly for some alone time with him, he almost felt guilty, but not guilty enough to make everything okay again. Chris had 100% believed Lily over Rena. He knew that she wouldn’t make things up like that. After Chris had found out about his and Lily’s parents, he wanted her around all the time. Lily didn’t know this news; Chris had never told her, for the fear of hurting her was too great. Chris then came closer to Rena and started to tell her.
 As Chris got into his story, Rena just sat and listened, occasionally moving a little closer to Chris.

“Okay look, I’m sorry that I didn’t see that you needed me this much. I’m just trying to protect my sister. About a week ago our parents left for their anniversary vacation. They were supposed to come home next week, but now they won’t be. I haven’t told Lily yet but our parents aren’t coming home. After they said goodbye she went over to one of her friend’s houses and the police showed up at my door. My first thought was that Lily got hurt or needed me, but I never expected it would be about our parents. One of the cops put his hand on my shoulder and told me what happened after they asked me a few questions. My parents were shot before they even stepped out of their car at the airport. I was taken down to identify the bodies… Mom and Dad were among the bunch. There was a lot of police work and of course now I have to plan funerals but I want to wait to do all that. I need to tell her about our parents. I just have no idea how to, this only happened a few days ago Rena. How the hell am I gonna tell her? She was so close to them. I can’t support both me and her and I don’t know what to do yet so I’m trying to figure it out and honestly you’re not helping. When she came home the next day she noticed that I was upset but I refused to tell her why and she didn’t push me. I just kept asking her if she had a good time, man I must’ve asked her that like three times and she responded the same way. I didn’t want to ruin anything with the news, so I just… didn’t tell her.”
 When Chris was finished with his story, Rena was as close as possible to him. For the most part, she had listened to the whole story and she told him she was sorry for him and that this shouldn’t have happened to him. Chris hadn’t realized Rena’s movement and he also hadn’t realized that he had started tearing. Rena thought this could be her chance; she embraced Chris and tried to comfort him as best she could.

“Shh. Just lay down baby it’ll be okay. I’ll take care of you.” She said sweetly.
Chris didn’t mean to get as upset as he did in front of her and he wasn’t quite sure what she was doing, but she climbed on top of him and started kissing him. He tried to remove himself a few times, but she wouldn’t let him budge, and after a minute he gave in. He let her kiss him and he held onto her.
With perfect timing Lily burst through the door, Chris looked over at her. Her face was streaked with tears.
 “What the hell do you mean about Mom and Dad? You tell me the truth Christopher! How could you keep this from me?”
Lily felt like she couldn’t breathe and seeing Rena and her brother the way they were was only frustrating her more. Chris pushed Rena off and ran over to Lily, but Lily refused him. She wanted an answer to her question; what had happened to her mom and dad?

 Lily was yelling at her brother and crying uncontrollably. Chris knew he had to tell her. He had pictured this moment differently; earlier. However he went to her and tried to comfort her but again she refused and backed away from him.
 Then, he told her in the softest voice he could, “Lil, I’m so sorry. I really am I wanted to tell you—“
“Cut the crap! If you really wanted to freakin’ tell me then you would’ve already. Mom and Dad are coming home next week right…right?”
He sighed as he tried to stay strong, “Honey I am so sorry but…no. Mom and Dad… aren’t coming home.”
“No…Are you sure that their dead? Maybe they got mixed—“
“No baby, I went down and identified them, it was defiantly them. Lily I’m so sorry, please—“he went closer to her to try and hold her. But she didn’t want to be touched. In shock, Lily regained memoires about her parents and went quite.
“Chris how could not tell me?” she whispered and hiccupped.
“Please believe me when I say that I wanted to but I just couldn’t tell you Lily. I hate seeing you sad.” He reached out his arms.
 Lily hated her brother then; she had to get away. Without warning, Lily ran out the door crying, screaming, “I hate you!” Chris tried to go after her but, he knew his presence would only hurt her more, she had never dealt with anything like this before and he had no idea how she would handle it. However, before he even got through the door, Rena stopped him.
 She took hold of his arm and told him in a seductive voice, “Just forget her. She needs to be alone right now don’t you think? Pay attention to me Chris.”

 Chris pushed Rena away and started after his sister. Lily was the only thing on his mind right now; he had to get to her and stop her from doing anything stupid. Rena just stood in the doorway of the bedroom and screamed as loud as she could manage. Chris heard her but kept going and looking for Lily. She had gotten a head start and he couldn’t see her from the porch. She could have gone anywhere. Their house was surrounded by forests, a labyrinth of trees, but he didn’t care; he’d still look for her.
“LILY!!” he screamed over and over again desperately.
He ran off in a random direction. Chris kept calling and running. His little sister was out there somewhere in the forest; he couldn’t find her in the limited daylight and he knew that she needed him. He wasn’t going to give up so easily, so he kept looking and calling.

 Lily could hear him over her crying, but she didn’t want him to find her so she kept moving, walking away from his voice. She was starting to lose her way, but she didn’t seem to realize it. Lily was too deep in thought about her parents; it killed her that she would never get to see them again: She hated it! She covered her mouth so her brother wouldn’t hear her, and she screamed, grabbed her stomach and fell to the ground. She was crying as hard as possible, but trying to keep her cover, when she looked up to the purple sky, she felt a sense of regret. There was not enough time spent between her and her parents. She remembered all the fun times they had together, and the love they had shared, and now all of that was gone. She could never get that back and she could never again look into their eyes and kiss them goodnight. She’d never hear their sweet words again; she couldn’t remember what their voices even sounded like, and that scared her. She could never hear them tell their only daughter that they love her. Lily’s mom, Jane, had always been there for her daughter; she had always comforted her in a way no one else could. Lily thought the world of her mom, and now missed her terribly. She longed to hold her dad’s hand again and hear them laughing at something strange she’d be doing. She missed that warm feeling she got whenever they were all together; that feeling of family. Now she realized that her family was broken and cold. She realized that it would never be fixed and that made her feel like a sharp knife was cutting her in half. She could hardy breathe with the amount of crying she was doing, and she felt like this feeling would never go away.

 Lily couldn’t hear her brother anymore, and she liked it that way. It made it easier for her to reminisce about her parents. However, her thoughts were interrupted when she heard footsteps near her hiding place. She looked around for someone, but she saw nothing. However, she did hear humming
 There was no answer. She soon saw someone coming through the trees. She stood up in alarm. Her terror only got worse when Lily saw that Rena was approaching her. Lily had calmed herself to a silent cry and slowly started to back away from Rena; however, that did not stop Rena from humming a tune and going towards Lily.
 Being in the forest, Lily backed herself into a tree and just stopped all together feeling dizzy, staring at Rena and listening to her hum. Rena, still humming, was thinking about how she would go about this, her plan to hurt Lily. Rena was thinking of what she had in her possession: a knife and a lighter. She smiled, why not use both? Rena’s tune had come to an end and she looked at Lily with utter hate.

“How…no…why do you always get my way?” Rena was slowly moving towards Lily and Lily stayed where she was; she was too distraught to think about anything except her mom and dad at the moment.
Rena was at Lily’s side now, and she asked again, “Why can’t you just get out of the picture and leave your brother to me? He’s obviously happier with me Lily, he tells me all the time that he loves me and I don’t think he tells you that all the time. He even said to me today before you fucked everything up that he was glad it was just us. See, he wants you gone.”
 Lily only grew more upset by these words, “Please, I just want to be alone. You can go be with him now I’ll stay here, away from him. He lied to me and kept something this big from me. I don’t want him anymore you can take him.”
“Oh no no, it isn’t that simple. A price must be paid, and you’ve been handed the bill for once.”
“What’r you talkin about?” she tried to hold back her tears but was not successful.

Rena smiled, then grabbed Lily by her shoulders and forced her down quickly. Lily shrieked and fell with Rena on top of her, and then she realized that she was in deep trouble. Rena got on top of Lily, with her knees on Lily’s elbows, crushing her, and pulled out her lighter.

“No Rena, NO! Please PLEASE I’ll do anything. STOP! CHRIS!!! HELP ME!” A blood curdling scream erupted from Lily’s lungs.
Rena was smiling at Lily’s attempt to call for help, but she knew that Chris could be near. So she ripped her shirt, balled it up, and shoved it into Lily’s mouth. Rena covered Lily’s mouth with another strand of her shirt, which she tied around Lily’s head so she couldn’t scream, and opened her lighter. Lily was panicking; she kicked her legs and screamed as loud as she could. A thought came into her mind; Rena could kill her right then and there. Lily tried with everything she had to get Rena off; she was fighting for her life. However, it was no use; Rena was too strong.

“Shut up Lily!”
 Lily obeyed and hoped that her brother had heard her.
“You ruined everything. Yes it’s true that you got us together but I would’ve come up to him eventually and gotten us started. We were doing just fine until you came through the damn door! I was finally getting what I wanted and you wrecked it…AGAIN. I am sick and tired of you, you’re a bitch!”
 She brought the lighter closer to Lily’s face and turned up the fire. Lily had started to cry, and despite Rena’s orders, she started to scream again. A burning sensation started to dig its way through Lily’s cheek. Lily screamed and turned her head but that contradicted her. Rena removed her pain for a millisecond but then started at a new location that Lily provided. Further up her cheek and to her ear the burns increased. Rena held Lily’s head so that she couldn’t try to decrease the agony. Another lite to the girl’s chin and inside her ear, Lily could feel that she was dying. It was searing pain that she wished would just end, her nerves were exploding. Rena forced the lighter into Lily’s left eye making her screech to the point of becoming ill. Rena started to struggle with holding Lily down; it was difficult when Lily was moving around aimlessly and screaming. Her body was begging her to move away as her nerve cells were melting. Rena started a new flame at Lily’s other cheek and moved it to the opposite ear.

Then she took out her knife from her back pocket and stabbed Lily in her chest forcefully. Rena was knocked off too late but she took the knife as she fell. It was Chris who forced her off; he had heard his sister screaming. Chris punched Rena’s face repeatedly breaking her nose and he managed to take her knife. Without thinking, he pierced the sharpened steel through Rena’s neck. She smiled and lay still as Chris dashed to Lily who was still screaming. She had taken out the cloth from her mouth so she was able to breathe easier, but she was still in dreadful pain. When he got a closer look at her though, he saw a vile sight. Lily’s entire face and hands were bloody and scarred from the lighter. She had lost the first layer of skin and her face was now a daunting sight. She used to be so beautiful. Her deep green eyes were no longer intact. It looked as if her face was melted and she was living this torture. A hole was now drawn deep in the center of her chest and as he was watching, blood spilt easily wrecking her shirt. Chris lifted up his sister and carried her back home, although he wasn’t quite sure where home was. He started jogging with Lily in his arms gaining her blood all over him and searched for home.

“Chris… Chris. Help me please. I want Mommy. I just want Mom, I just… Please, help me Please… please.” she begged.
“Somebody help me! My sister needs help! Somebody! Please anybody!” he was heard by no one.
It was getting a bit hard to find their house, but Chris made a right turn and suddenly he could see the house; seconds away. With this sight, he ran faster with Lily and got to the house. He burst inside and laid Lily on the couch. His fingers couldn’t dial 911 fast enough. Lily had become silent now and that scared Chris.
“Lil? Baby talk to me.”
 He couldn’t remember the conversation on the phone, but he did remember the ambulance that arrived at the door in minutes. They came in and took Lily away. Chris followed, refusing to leave her. 
They were on their way to the hospital and Lily was unconscious, but Chris couldn’t stop talking to her.
“It’s gonna be okay. The doctors are gonna help you Lil. I promise. It’s gonna be okay… oh god, please let it be okay. Mom, Dad, don’t take her from me… please not yet. Please no. Oh God please.” He sobbed uncontrollably as the men were trying to save the child.
“Were losing her! I need oxygen now!”
 Chris’s lip was quivering as he lightly stoked his sister’s bloodstained hand. All he could do was tell her everything would be okay and he prayed silently.











 Everything from entering the hospital to the last few days he stayed there with her was a blur. All he could remember were the doctors telling him he should go home, that there wasn’t anything he could do for Lily now and that Rena missed her aorta by only an inch. Chris never left though; he couldn’t leave her side.
 He eventually was forced, but only when he was pulled aside to be questioned by police officers. Chris couldn’t recall the conversation except for when a cop had told him about the future.
“I’m sorry son but she will be taken into a foster home.”
 There wasn’t any other family besides Chris and they didn’t think a young girl should be living with her older brother, now even more so after what happened. Lily would be scarred for life, not only on her face and chest, but emotionally as well. Chris couldn’t understand, and once the cops explained themselves again, Chris threw a tantrum.
“NO! You can’t fucking take her from me! You can’t! I’m the only family she has left, you take that from her and she doesn’t stand a chance! Lily’s coming home with me! I can take care of her better than any foster home ever could! I won’t let you take her from me!” He grabbed a chair and flung it at the two men across from him. They dodged it but its metal clanged loudly at the wall. Chris sank to the floor.
“Son, take it easy. If you really love her then you will do what’s best for her. With everything that you’ve been through you need some help and she needs a better life than you can provide. Do the right thing Chris, do what’s best for her.”
Chris lay on the floor and he knew he wouldn’t be able to change their minds, they are the law. Chris spent his last night with Lily.
“Hey kid, you’re awake. How ya feelin?” He said through tears.
“It hurts… I wanna go home.”
He stroked her hand,“I know baby, I know. I know it hurts—“
“Then why’d you ask dummy?” Lily smiled.
She made jokes at him even when she was in so much pain and it pushed him over the edge. At first he started to smile but then as the realization hit him, his smiled flipped and he cried, burying his face onto the bed.
“Shh. Hey, like you said, it’s gonna be okay.” Lily cooed. 
“You could hear me in the ambulance? Oh God Lily I’m so sorry this happened. Everything…it’s…I just…I’m—“
“Shh. Chris I know.” She intertwined her fingers with his.
Chris sat back up and lightly stroked her hair as she asked, “When can we go home?”
“I wish I knew Lil. I really wish I knew... I love you so much.” Again Chris lied to her to protect her.
 Lily didn’t really understand what was going on, or who the people were standing in the doorway. She was worried when they told her brother it was time to leave and two new people came in. He heard her heart monitor beep faster as he walked away. Chris left the hospital and drove home aggressively. While he drove, he talked to God in his head. He simply asked if He could make it possible for Lily to come home. God didn’t answer.


Chris still waited for a response now lying in bed, but his tears soon put him to sleep before he got an answer.


Submitted: June 13, 2014

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Nikki Evans

What a roller coaster of emotions. Poor Chris and Lily and Rena was just pure evil! You did a great job on showing the emotions and conflict in all the character's lives even the psycho Rena!1

Fri, June 27th, 2014 3:22am


thank you so much!!! this means so much to me!

Thu, June 26th, 2014 8:25pm


A wonderful short story. It has it good and bad moments. I am glad that Lily is still alive even though she will be scarred for life. While Rena, it is better for to be alive and hopefully be convicted. At the end of your short story, I felt the tears just come out. It was very well written.

Mon, June 30th, 2014 1:27am


thank you so much it means so much to me that you read this

Sun, June 29th, 2014 8:47pm

Star Lord

Roller coaster is a good way to put it! I wanted to step into the story and just hug Chris sometimes and go and punch Rena in the face at others. But, I really enjoyed it! The long paragraphs were a little distracting but there were only a few grammar things I noticed. Really, really good work!

Wed, July 2nd, 2014 8:30pm


thank you so much!! I'm glad u liked it and yes the story is very long for a short story...about 23 pages and I'm not good at grammar haha but thank u so much

Wed, July 2nd, 2014 4:23pm

Alex The shadow girl

The emotions described just felt too real that even i wanted to get into the story sometimes. Rena is EVIL. And Poor Chris and Lily. I just loved the story :)

Fri, July 4th, 2014 8:16am


aw thanks so much! I am so glad u liked question if I may? did u think that lily was dead at the beginning that is something I was going for

Fri, July 4th, 2014 4:05pm


This was a roller coaster story, filled with different emotions and just, amazing.

Tue, July 8th, 2014 4:58am


thanks so much

Tue, July 8th, 2014 8:27am


Wow, this was, emotional. Goodness Rena did you have to go all coocoo crazy on us! Wonderful story full of everything description, emotion, and so realistic :). ~Poetic

Tue, July 22nd, 2014 11:17pm


this was realistic??? damn! lol thanks I worked really hard on this one and its one of my favs so thanks for reading

Tue, July 22nd, 2014 4:37pm


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaumn! This story was amazing, twists does not even begin to discribe it! This was awesome!

Thu, July 24th, 2014 7:58am


thanks so much

Thu, July 24th, 2014 10:54am


That Rena chick is crazy and if I was Lily I would've told my brother sooner. Especially when murder came in the equation. Good story I know Chris will get her back. :)

Fri, August 8th, 2014 2:00pm


thanks so much for reading!! it means a lot to me

Fri, August 8th, 2014 11:28am

Liam Strong

This was definitely a story hitting pretty close to home for me, I have a little sister a bit older than Lily, and I love that kid to death, even if we fight on some random occasions. And our relationship is similar to that of Chris and Lily, maybe not as in depth, but when it's just the two siblings, you can kind of understand. It's kind of hard to say, likewise, what I thought about this... When you think about it, the fact that all you explained of the sibling's appearances were their similar hair and eyes, that's all you needed in the abstraction, and it felt even more poetic with such a contrasting character as Rena. All I can really say is that I thoroughly enjoyed this, and you should be very proud of this story! I've wanted to do something relatively similar to this, but I've always been on the fence about it. For some reason writing about mental instability is fascinating to me. Anyway, you get not only a "like" from me, but a writer's clap (*clap*), and an optional high-five, by either way, kudos to a really great piece! Good work! :)

Tue, June 23rd, 2015 2:28pm


for some reason I have always loved the idea of protective older brothers. im so glad that your sister has you because like I have said before you seem like an awesome guy. I am very very proud of this thank you :) I am really glad that you enjoyed it. I say go for it! Ill be happy to read it.

Tue, June 23rd, 2015 7:01pm


I absolutly loved it! 10 stars!!!!!

Sun, June 28th, 2015 4:17am


thank you I wish I knew why though

Sat, June 27th, 2015 11:22pm


It has great descriptions, and the twists and turns, u can basically feel what the character Chris is feeling. The most poetic character is Rena I think, but Lily is my fave. But honestly if I was lily i wouldve told my brother sooner specially since murder was involved but all in all, i loved it.

Sun, June 28th, 2015 8:34pm



Sun, June 28th, 2015 8:06pm

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