What it takes in Moving on

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Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



Everynight has been difficult 
Even I close my eyes
There still a lot of thoughts
Most of it are hopes
That someday, somehow
The holes will be close

Moving on, moving forward?
It is not what makes it hard
It is starting again
Without those people who became part
of your heart,
I guess, it's the most difficult part

Facing those sleepless nights
Hugging the pillow so tight
countless teardrops
that are falling in my eyes
and believing that it was all a lie
are what it takes in starting a new life

Fate has never been fair
at first, it will take away all your fear
Then suddenly you'll realized
you're left alone
and hoping that someone can hear
When your heart screams
when everything is not clear

Maybe life should be this way
the people you expect to stay
are the ones who will walk away
But I believe
that someday
the storms will be gone
then I can say
Love is worth the pain.

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