A New Hope, A Better Man

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A more serious poem, Hope you enjoy!!

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



Take the wind from my back,

Forget the smile that I cast.

My talk hides my shame,

From the world that is here.

The hate that it brings,

All the condemned,

That sit on empty wings.


Waiting for their second chance,

Hoping for one last dance.

To fit back in a world that has hid,

A world blinded of misfortune's gifts.

Tempted with foolish pride,

Lustful it’s built, forgetful at will,

Mindless of all those killed.


Tortured souls wondering,

Born on soiled ground.

Lost, forsaken land.

Searching for something,

Sorrowed when nothings found.

Turn to those with more,

Left with less than before.


For a world with so much,

Little has been untouched.

Few have been giving prosperity,

Many more left with uncertainty.

Praying for another bite to eat,

A safe place to lay their heads,

As nightmares plague their sleep.


But does this have to be?

Could we learn to be truly free?

Leave the broken past behind,

Forget all that has left us unwind,

Come together for a better world.

A new hope, a new chance,

A better man.

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