Thy Rose

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What is Love? Love is complex, love is many things,love is unique, but love is you.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



Is Love oust but not a swallowing rill

That consumes thy timid reed.

Or tis a sharpened piece of steel

That departs, thee soul to bleed.

Or hence a vast hunger,

An eternal stinging need.

Nay--Love but a flower.

And ye art thou only seed.


Love tis thy heart haunted to fall in two;

Which ne’er discovers to dance.

Tis thy dream, fearful to start anew

And ne’er take thy chance.

Oh thee one shall not be taken

And nay seems to give

Thy soul--Afraid of dying.

Ne-er larns to live.


Oh when thy night tis too lonely

Ye thy passage thou art so long.

When thou conceive Love tis only

For thee fortunate ye thee strong.

Just recall, in thy winter

Long below thy frigid bitter snow.

Dwell Thy Seed--with suns splendor.

In the spring becomes thy Rose.

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