The nitty gritty life of a kat

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Its not finished, its my first work so edit it, rate it, do whatever you need to do... yes doofie IS suppost to say Gots! The picture is my cat Tinkerbell

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



Tinkerbell watched in disgust as Stumpy gobbled down the last of the food.
“What?” asked Stumpy, her mouth still full of food. Tinkerbell pushed the rest of her food aside, disgusted with how Stumpy had been gobbling down her food.
“Here,” said Tinkerbell, “I am not hungry anymore.” Tinkerbell stared at Stumpy as she ate the last of her food. Stumpy used to be a very pretty kitten, but then food happened. Stumpy was now a very fat full grown cat with a stumpy tail. That’s why the humans named her Stumpy.
“Bye Stumpy,” said Tinkerbell.
“Bye,” said Stumpy, her mouth still full of food, again. On her walk back to the porch Tinkerbell ran into Luna and Doofie. Luna was a nice polite black cat, and Tinkerbell had no idea why she was hanging around with Doofie. Doofie was a shame of a cat. She was a tabby cat who was slightly overweight and always smelt of dirty socks.
“Doofie, mom wants you home, NOW!”
“But why?” complained Doofie
“Because she said so,” said Tinkerbell, “Old yeller is visiting our porch corner today anyway.”
“OL’ YELLER!?” freaked Doofie, “I gots to get ready!” Doofie ran off to get ready.
Later on, Stumpy finally wandered off from the garage. She wondered what Doofie was doing. She and Doofie were good friends. Doofie was slightly overweight but stumpy was extremely overweight. She had long fur but if you looked you wouldn’t be able to tell. Her fur was all matty and snarly. Stumpy judged by the moon that it was about midnight or a little later, and her mom would be mad but she might understand, she wasn’t sure. So she wandered home in the dark. When she got home she tried to sneak in, but her mom was awake waiting for her.
“Hi mom… have you been awake all this time?”
“Yes, waiting for you.”
“Oh no…”
When Luna woke up the next morning she HAD to go find Tinkerbell. Luna admired Old Yeller; he had been around since before her mom’s mom was born. He knew everything, and that’s what she admired. Luna loved knowledge, that’s why she was top of her class in school. If you wanted to find Luna it would probably be at school. The only reason she wasn’t today was because it was Saturday, and on Saturdays and Sundays, school wasn’t in session. So, she had to find something better to do. So, she went to go find Tinkerbell.
Luna ended up finding Tinkerbell in the field hunting for mice.
“Tinkerbell,” said Luna
“Aww man! Look what you made me do! I lost my mouse!” said Tinkerbell startled but angry.
“Sorry,” said Luna, “but I need to know how Old yellers visit was last night,”
“You know I don’t listen to that old coot anyway,” replied Tinkerbell, “He’s loony, too loony,”

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