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Submitted: January 25, 2018

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Submitted: January 25, 2018



I'm walking on the street,
The same street that saw me grow,
From a tiny ball of dreams and energy,
To a wandering cluster of contradictions.

The world around grew colder,
Or my eyes now see deeper...
"You will do nothing in life!"
they say relentlessly.
Do they see the picture,
Or do they try to paint it themselves?
"Do this!" because it's a must.
"Do that!" so that you will fit in.
"Don't do that!" because nobody tried it before.

I'm walking on the street,
With the same scrutinizing gazes upon me.
"Look at him..."
"Don't look at him!"
I'm going past familiar faces,
Worn out by time, 
Unchanged by nature.

Things changed so much,
Yet everything feels the same.
The bittersweet salutes,
The well known routines.

I'm looking back, 
As the street is coming to an end.
A last glance to what made me be,
And another step beyond,
Into the unknown,
Where I won't see,
But discover.
My smile... is enough.
New colors await usage,
And the canvas have room plenty...

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