Fall of Arstozka

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Ryan Lewis a 25 year old Whetic man gave up his life to save the start of the Southern Alliance which would connect Whetstone, Priscila, Unknown Territories and Southern Islands from domination by the economic superpower Arstozka.

Submitted: January 15, 2015

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Submitted: January 15, 2015



June 5th 2010


My name is Ryan Lewis and I gave my life to protect the start of the Southern Alliance.

I am part of the 102nd bomber squad.


“Lewis, report to the tarmac immediately” calls captain Mark Levi.

“Why whats up?” I ask

“Arstozka is coming full force with cargo ships and airplanes!” Levi answers.

I get my uniform on and lock up my room at the base and as i start to walk down

the hall the Air Raid siren goes off… thats when i started running. I got outside and the Anti aircraft flak was firing as hard as they could. I look up to find thousands of

Arstozkan bombers dropping their payload.


I see my PBY Catalina taxiing to the runway “wait!” i shout. I get in a WIlly’s Jeep and speed off to the plane. I pull up to the plane and jump into the open window thats next to the rear turret.

When I got in my partners were running around loading ammo into every turret. I sit down and hold on to the handlebars because its about to get bumpy in here. We speed down the runway and get off the ground only to immediately be tailed by an Arstozkan Spitfire.


I get up and take control of the left rear turret and fire full force at the scary looking Arstozkan spitfire.

“EAT LEAD SUCKERS!!!” i shout

suddenly the plane fires a rocket at us and luckily misses us. I take out the empty cartridge and

put in a full one. I lean the turret back out and fire with all we have. Then after shooting 50 or 60 bullets at him, he spontaneously combusts with a fiery explosion!

“Yeah!” my best friend Scotty Coleiiston chants.

“Guys you might want to get reloaded and strapped into your positions because WE HAVE 100’S OF ARSTOZKAN A6M ZEROS HEADI-----” The pilot is suddenly killed in action.

“NO NO NO NO!!!!!” I yell.

i run over to the pilot and try CPR but nothing… I unbuckle him and take him to the very rear of the plane and place him in a body bag…. I cry as i zip the body bag up.

I get up and go to the nose turret.

“I think im a little to late…”

I start firing anyways and with the help of the new cannons i blew a plane up and a chain reaction of explosions happened like a fireworks show. the co-pilot which is the new captain

turns the plane around so were facing north, out of the blue a distress call comes in

“This is the WHH Sampson our ship is bursting with flames from the smoke stack and Arstozkan kamikazes are plowing there ugly planes into our battleships we request assistance from anyone who is still alive!”

“Roger that WHH Sampson this is the Black Cats we will be there in an ETA of 4 minutes” answers the pilot.

“AHHHHHHH HELP USSS IME-------” and the WHH Sampson was lost trying to save its country.



“Oh my god!” i whisper in silence

“Boys were going to bust the Arstozkans reign of terror!” yells the pilot who descends at a vertical speed of -22,000. I go back to the left rear turret and reload it before we start battle again.

“3 A6M Zeros coming up left side at a speed of 100 kilometers” yells the pilot

“roger i will silence them”

I pop my knuckles and slam my thumbs down on those two red buttons and the

ultimate power of bullets roars out the barrel of the turret and right into the A6M Zeros propeller which starts to spew black smoke and with 3 more bullets or ten.. the plane explodes and makes the others explode with it…

We set our belly down on the water and right as it seems the Arstozkan planes have stopped coming they appear again and with that they plow themselves into our ships

“Meeeroooooooo” “merrooooo” “merooooooo”

“KAMIKAZES!!!” the pilot yells.

I shoot at them with everything i got and with that i shot down 3 planes before they could even touch our ships.





And as we knew it our lives would surely end but that was not the case…

“We strided with glory and we stayed strong because we are Whetic strong and

all through the battle we may have called the enemy cattle but that does not matter because were WHETIC STRONG!!!!!!!” me and my team mates chanted. Suddenly out of nowhere

a A6M Zero shredded the hull of the plane and slaughtered my best freind Scotty Coleiiston.

“SCOTTTY!!!!!!!!!” “NO NO NO!!!” i scream. I pick up his body and cry over it…

“Why did you have to go!!!!!??” “WHY!!!?” “Why did they kill you and not me!!!?” “i mean you had a wife and kids and now and now YOUR”E DEAD!!!!!!!!” “WHYYYYY!!!?” “THEY SHOULD OF KILLED MEEEEEE!!!!” i scream and cry and chant.

“I am going to destroy ever Arstozkan plane even if i have to get out of this burning plane and shoot a Desert Eagle at them,  i will do so!!!!”

“Ryan calm down!” yells the pilot


“Watch out here they come!!!” yells the pilot

Bullets rain through the plane and destroy the turrets in a matter of seconds!

“Alright ive had enough of this crap” says the pilot

the pilot pushes the throttle to max and lifts off the water…


“uhhh i think everybody down there is dead man… look out the window” the pilot says

“Oh my god!” i put my hand over my mouth and collapse onto the floor in pain…

“Lewis are you alright!!?” the pilot calls

“..............” i dont speak.

Suddenly more Arstozkan planes tail us and shoot us down but were not going to survive… not when your falling at a speed of 400 kilometers and diving nose first towards the ground….

But there is something inside of you that says you have to FIGHT ON!!!!! The Arstozkan planes follow us to make sure were dead and were not i get up and stumble my way towards the rear turret and open the hatch to give Arstozka what they deserve!!!! I pull the machine gun down and fire away!!! “rat a tat tat” “rat a tat tat” i destroy the two planes that tailed us and fall towards the flight deck and knock myself out….


2 hours later…..


I wake up bloody battern and bruised all over in a field of wheat on an island paradise….

Then out of the blue two choppers come out of nowhere and land next to me…

“are you Ryan Lewis?”


“okay get in”


“are anymore of your teammates alive?”

“i dont know”

I start crying once again

“your’e in good hands sir”

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