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they always tell u to tell them but they never get it

Submitted: March 09, 2015

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Submitted: March 09, 2015



remember the first time you felt completely at home just by the way his eyes seemed to see right into you? 

from that moment on every time someone asked you where home was you couldn’t help but think about that exact moment

but all you managed to mutter out was the name of a city filled with haunted memories that only made you shudder 

you always looked out of windows like you were supposed to be somewhere else

i wonder if that somewhere else was with him 

tell us about the time he told you with an emptiness in his eyes that the cigarettes would kill you

and you said “thats the point”

how long has it been since you picked up a cigarette without a shaking hand and ghosts of those words floating over you?

tell us about the last time you grabbed his hands, desperately begging him not to let go 

and he said “i have to” 

you always dreamt about him drowning but your broken hands could never hold onto him tight enough to save him from your sorrows

is that why you always get so sick when you walk into souvenir shops?

tell us why his name makes your eyes burn and your throat bleed

but maybe its best to keep these things to yourself

you know how dark it gets inside when everyone tells you “i don’t get it”

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