the ineludible end

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i have a hard time keeping my thoughts in order

Submitted: January 28, 2015

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Submitted: January 28, 2015



how is it that i can have so many thoughts pouring rapidly from every corner of my mind yet i can’t seem to analyze a single one 

how is it that i can have so many feelings ripping through my veins yet i can’t seem to find the source of any one 

how is it that some days i can be conscious of who i am 

while on other days i feel as if every part of me has been lost in translation 

and how can i be so close to someone but feel so distant in the same exact moment

my passion is such a paradox 

inside there is a constant pressure that i am forgetting how to contain

its a skill I’ve mastered but a skill I’ve become tired of possessing 

i lose interest in everything so easily, i think I’m beginning to lose interest in myself 

simply because I’ve given up on the concept of knowing who the hell i am

but how can that possibly be when people i don’t know capture my interest like memories capture moments

a noose disguised by an overpowering feeling of intrigue  

slowly finding its way around the crevices of my neck

patiently waiting to choke the life out of me 

(so poetic but so pathetic 

and i think we all subconsciously chase the same thing

an end to the perpetual labyrinth within our minds)

so now i think I’m okay with that

because that noose is my shortcut to the entirely ineludible end

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