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Submitted: November 16, 2008

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Submitted: November 16, 2008





From lone depths of the unknown thrust to frenzied mob

Traversing in grandeur the mean din hurly burly and the spell on the damsel

Appareled in ornate garment – costly scintillating sequins undulating

His unearthly beauty emphasizing – towering like gargoyle held by colonnades

Caryatids in the sky for the fastidious gaze and fetid breath of desire of maidens

And the envy of hulks biceps contracting and the clangor of all and sundry

Tall but stout and reticent – keen but oblivious to the market din

His worth and value incalculable –


Lone Adventist from lone depths – eerie hurled to partake in daily frailties of need

In midst of the craving lot – a maiden was enamored and enchanted –

Bewitched, as if the complete gentleman exuded spells that charms in endless suspension

She was desirous – eager to know the abode of the unknown gentleman

Pressing with impetuous posturing nagging and ingratiating

Silent – not condescending – he uttered nothing nor made the attempt or fuss with the idea that the maiden spoke to him- she was a helpless moan of  sacrificial hoofs –


Overtly conscious and piqued by his superciliousness the gentleman

She resolved to mark with alacrity the resplendent strides and measured movements of the man from the unknown in the market din

Her products displayed for bargaining left with careless ease – unsold


The sky on spire – sunset and the horizon tinged with gritty hue

The whirling din and tempestuous clangor of voices and hectic activities

Subsided – the vast mob plodding to their various destinations – home beckons

The gentleman well furnished and brimming with unspeakable contentment

Directed his course to where he had emerged unknown to man and beast

But like a shadow the damsel followed him when he embarked to his unknown Abode – obstinate – silent aggression – wordless combat

She deployed unguided courage from her feminine dictates and far behind

The hither to tempestuous raucous hurly burly of a din

Ravenous commotion and hectic breathlessness and measured pandemonium

Engulfing the market ceased – disappearing like midst of an enchantress


Persistent, stubborn, obstinate the damsel followed without reason the Gentleman – inexplicable disregard for the ember hearth of parents

Self –exile from her town and headlong with speedy steps to doom or blest unknown – the unknown man she followed


The gentleman imprecated vehement objections denouncing her childish motives – he was insistent but not furious – he supplicated her to return home

Not to follow him but the lady would not budge nor heed his eerie warning

And fatigued of patient dissuasion she allowed her to follow him

The gentleman traversing the path with prudent poise – undaunted unperturbed

The damsel following him oblivious to her fate but eager to follow him even to gloom.



Twelve miles outside the precincts of the market of wordless combat and fatal Resolution – the lone road was deserted by gentleman and damsel

And like subtle night intruding upon the chaste virginity of the bright sunset sky They veered and plunged into the weird echoes of an endless forest of creatures terrible and fiendish


In the endless forest they traversed – still obstinately resolute pursuing

Still wordless combat – the reticent gentleman – reserved with mien demure

With affable gait devoid of haughtiness but vindictive premonition  begun to return in obsequious satisfaction the hired parts of his body to the owners

And paying in solemn succession of acknowledgement the amount charged for the uncanny rental –


The strange pair advanced – the gentleman duty bound  and bound to relinquish Pulled out his left hired foot – gratitude beaming in his eyes and returned it To the Owner and wreathed with unspoken gladness paid the rental

The right foot was pulled off in similar fashion and given with the rental to the Owner –


The feet of the gentle in preternatural dexterity were retuned to the owners

And like an infant began to crawl with complete mastery on the ground plodding

The damsel alarmed and frightened beyond description -  her fear and bafflement Resounding in the forest proclaiming her witless obstinacy and heedlessness

Confounding perplexity desired to return home at once away from the terrible crawling creature away from the weird forest of woe

Her delicate heart panting in rhythmic quandary  but the strange creature now insisted – he grew like the damsel before obstinate and headstrong

Unwilling to budge – giving deaf ears to the desperate supplications of the Damsel to return to her town and anxious parents


The gentleman now metamorphosed into a strange creature in reply to the imploring plea of the damsel to return uttered fiercely.


I warned you to desist from following me – ominous pursuit inexplicable before we branched into this forest of strange preternatural creatures – terrible and vindictive -  now half bodied – transformed – incomplete – depreciated

You entertain the impossible idea of returning from my precincts which few Minute ago you were desirous to traverse – that is impossible

This is a miniature depiction of my dilemma- follow me you are yet to see more










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