Squeeze Harder

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This is the first poem I ever wrote.

Submitted: May 12, 2008

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Submitted: May 12, 2008



Squeeze Harder

Squeeze harder.

Don’t let go.

I need time to shut my eyes,

bury my nose in your arm,

smell your skin.

Laugh louder.

Don’t stop.

I need time to listen to your giggles,

until they leave you gasping.

Speak slower.

Don’t let the story end.

I need time to dissect every sentence,

think about why you have chosen each word,

figure out what each word means.

Sleep longer.

Don’t wake up.

I need time to watch your cheeks,

notice that they are like little peaches,

with perfect peach fuzz.

Stay little.

Fit in my arms.

Ask for band-aids.

Spill your juice.

Get an earache.

You are growing smarter, bigger, faster.

I am getting older, shorter, slower.

You tell me to hurry,

catch up.

Stay little.

Wear mismatched socks.

Throw tantrums.

Draw pictures.

Lose mittens.

Stay little.

I want to laugh with you,

talk with you,

guess your dreams.

I have only just realized what a marvel you are.

It is almost too late.

Are you still a little girl?

Stay little.

Suck your thumb.

Hide during thunderstorms.

Get homesick at sleepovers.

Believe in Tooth Fairies.

Stay little.

Old calendars say “trick-or-treating”, “Easter egg hunt”, “daycare registration”.

New ones remind me to drop you off, pick you up, let you go.

Stay little.


Cry at spiders.

Shriek at rainbows.

Make me gifts with paper and glue.

Sleep with a blankie.

Call for me in the night.

Stay little.

I failed. Many times.

I told you to be quiet, to go to bed, to hurry, to rush.

I lost the gifts made with paper and glue.

I told you about the Tooth Fairy, assuming you had already guessed it was me.

But you hadn’t.

I pointed out that you could get your own band-aid and wipe up your own juice.

I didn’t realize. I didn’t think. I didn’t know.


lost chances,


I’m Sorry.

I Wish I’d Known.

Words that come too late.

What remains is the one true fact: you can’t stay little.

It is okay.

Squeeze harder.

As you are today.

Right now.

I will squeeze back.

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