He saved me?

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Kate's boyfriend is controlling her life and someone tries to show her that he is not the guy she thinks he is.

Submitted: April 10, 2007

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Submitted: April 10, 2007



Choco__2007__Puppy: Here I am sitting at home on a Friday night, listening to It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing). I love the 30's. I know what you are thinking, what is a girl like me doing at home on a Friday night. Well, I can't go out.

FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy: Oh I love that song. I love the 30's too. But, why can't you go out?

Choco__2007__Puppy: Well, I have to stay home, my boyfriend said so.

FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy: Why do you listen to your boyfriend? Why, does he get to control your life?

Choco__2007__Puppy: I listen to him because he is boss. He does not control my life totally. I mean, I love him, and he looks out for me.

FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy: You are in denial about him. You call him boss; he is so controlling your life. Yea, you love him but does he love you?

Choco__2007__Puppy: He loves me. I have to go, he just got home.

FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy: Wait....What is your name? And his?

Choco__2007__Puppy: My name is Kate and his is Dan.

FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy: Thank you.

Choco__2007__Puppy: Bye Bye

FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy: Bye Kate.

Choco__2007__Puppy is now signed off.


"Kate where are you? And why is this shit you call music on" Dan yelled from the kitchen. He was getting himself a beer and then walked to the computer room where Kate is.

"Hey, Hun. I did not think you would be home so soon. Sorry about the music, I turned it off." Kate said as she was signing off AIM.

"Were you on the computer? Bitch I thought I told you that you could not be on the computer with out me home. And when I am home you have to ask." Dan said.

"Sorry, it won't happen again."

"Right bitch" Dan yelled as he slapped Kate, "Now I want you in the kitchen right now and I want dinner. I want stake and a bake potato. You can have the same. Ok."

"Ok, thank you. I am again sorry." She said as she went to the kitchen. She went to the fridge and got out two stakes. She went to the pantry and got some baking potatoes. She started the oven up and the indoor grill. She waited a little bit till the oven beeped and the grill looked hot. She put the stakes on the grill and put the potatoes in some foil and put them in the oven and put the on timer for about 10 min. After a while the food was done and she was plating it with A1, sour cream, butter and some cheese. She brought one to Dan; he was sitting on the couch watching some sports. She grabbed her plate and sat at the table.  "Dan, can I eat now?"

"Yes, once you are done I want you to clean the dishes and get ready for bed" he said.

"Ok, thank you" she said and then she prayed. After she was done, she got Dan's plate and went to the kitchen, to clean the dishes. After about 10 min she was done. "I am done Dan. I am going to go get ready for bed. What do you want me to do after that?"

"Well, I want you to come back out here and I will tell you then."

"Ok" She went to the bedroom and got out her usual nightwear. A black night gown and a black robe. She hated wearing it but, Dan made her, she did not want Dan mad. So once she was done getting it on, she went and washed her face and then put some lip stick on. Just some light pink lip stick, but it was what Dan liked. She walked out to the living room and waited till Dan told her what to do. She stood there for like what felt like for ever. But, finally Dan turned to her.

"Ok, go lie down; I will be in there soon. I just want you to lie down; you can put on some music. And you can write in that journal, you keep. But, only till I come in." He said.

"Ok, night sweetheart." She leaned down to give him a good night kiss, but he just turned his head. So she gave him a kiss on the cheek. She walked to the bedroom and put on some music. She was in a dark mood right now so she put on Papa Roach-Last Resort. She loved it and that was because no one would think that she would listen to Papa Roach. She liked to be some what different then Dan wanted her to be. She got in to bed and got out her journal and wrote for awhile. She wrote about the conversation with FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy, and what he said made her think about. After about 30 minutes of writing she was done and put her journal away and lied down and just listened to her music. My Chemical Romance-Welcome to the Black Parade was now playing this was one of her new songs and she really liked it. After a while longer she heard Dan get up and walk into the room and change and get into bed.

"Read to me what you wrote about in your journal, tonight. I want to hear about what you did today." Dan said, half drunk.

"Oh, I didn't write anything in it today. I felt tired so I just lied here and listened to music." Kate lied, not wanting him to hear about FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy.

"Oh, well then turn off the music and come here," Dan said and she got off the bed and walked over to his side of the bed and stood there, thinks that he might give her one of this long beatings again. She hoped to go that he would not. But, all he did was got up and went over to the area where she hid her journal and he got it out and open to the last written on page. He read it and got the look on his face which she feared more than anything. She knew if he had read it he would beat her to no end. He closed it and threw it on the ground and walked over to Kate and slapped her across the face 5 times.

"So why are you talking to other people who I do not ok first. I am happy that you love me and defended me, but when you said that what he had said made you think about. Well for that you get the premium punishment. I hope you have nothing planned for a couple of days. Oh wait you don't, I tell you when you do anything, where you go, and what you do. So the first thing you have to do is you have go stand in front of the bed. I just want you to stand there and look at me and nothing else. I want to see how long it takes for you to crack. Last time I think it was 2 hours or 2 minutes." Dan said as he laughed at his joke.

She did what he told her to do with out any thought. Nowadays she doesn't think about it she just does it. She stood there and Dan must have gotten bored because he fell asleep. While she stood there she started singing songs in her head and got lost in her own thoughts and fell asleep standing up which she did often when she had to do this. After what felt like and hour nap, Dan was still sleeping and he got bored again. She started to make up games in her head, like talking to FaN_4456_HaPpYgUy. After a while Dan started to wake up. As he woke up he saw that Kate was still standing at the foot of the bed.

"I see that you have not given up yet. I am proud of you. You lasted about 8 hours, and I will trust you that you did not sit down while I was asleep. So, I think that you have earned the time to sleep in the bed. So, I would like some coffee made, toast, and some eggs. After I have eaten you can clean the dishes and then come in here and sleep. You can do anything you want; I just want dinner to be cooking when I walk in the door. I will call you when I am on the way home. Now go cook for me now!" I went into the kitchen and started to cook.

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