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I need love!!

Submitted: April 10, 2007

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Submitted: April 10, 2007




I ask God why I don't have love

He never answers!


I guess He has more important thing,

Some of you might think ya God's not a match maker.


In my eyes he kind of is,

He picks who people will go out with or who they love or anything to do with love.


Well, I have not had anyone love me EVER.


I pray once in a while for God to help me,

But, he never does.


I know it seems so self centered,

But, I pray for Family and Friends first, then I pray for what I want

I don't pray every day for my self, I pray once in a while.


I see almost everyone around me go out, love someone, like someone, or even have their eye on someone.


Some of my friends had a guy since last year.


And then there are me friends who just got a boyfriend.


There are a couple of us who has no one, at the moment.


But, only one other than me has never had love, a first kiss, or a first boyfriend, never gone on a date, never been on someone's mind before and after they sleep, and we have like people and they found out and it was "we have a good friend ship I don't want to hurt that" or "I just don't like you" or the one I know a lot of people have heard "She's FAT!" we hate it!!!


I have been told to wait and not to jump into anything, but I have never had one on to jump in with.


But, I go to sleep every night having to know when I fall and wake up I will not have a guy on my mind.

And knowing I'm not on any guys mind.


I just wish someone out there would find me and love me!!!!



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