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Jessica was put into an arranged marriage by her friends. Her soon to be husband is someone she hates with a firey passion! What will happen? Will she go through with it? Read to find out!

Submitted: April 10, 2007

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Submitted: April 10, 2007



Let me tell you about the worst day of my life. It was the day my friends told me they put me into an arranged marriage with the worst possible person on the face of the earth. I have no idea why they did this but they better have a good reason for it. But, because they did all these legal things I can't get out of it. I don't under stand the law sometimes. It is just so weird to have all my friends agree to have me marry a guy who has made my life a living hell through out high school. Ok, you are probably wondering who is the guy and when did this happen. Well I will take you back to the time it happened.


"Hey guys, what's up?" I said to Kristen, Emily, Lindsay, and Amanda. We were in the lunch room, at school.

"Nothing much, but we do have something kind of big to tell you." Amanda, my best friend, said.

"You may want to sit down Jess." Kristen told me.

"Ok what is it that you have to tell me, I mean when you say ‘you may want to sit down' it is pretty serious." I said kind of making fun of Kristen, as I sat down.

"Really it is big news; well we know you hate Peter Smith. We think we did something really bad......." She waits till I gave her the signal to go on. "Well we set you up in an arranged marriage, and it is totally legal."

"To who, and please do not tell me Peter." And as if on queue as I finished saying his name is came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. This made me jump up and scream. Everyone laughed and Peter let go and back away. He knew by this that I had not found out yet.

"She does not know yet does, she?" Peter asked Amanda.

"No, she does not know, yet but she does know some of it. So if you would not mind would you go away for about 20 minutes. Please Peter" She said with some wittiness.

"Wait, what do I not know about?" I asked and Peter nodded and walked away.

"Well Jess, as I was saying we set you up in an arranged marriage, and you have to get married to Peter. We are really sorry, we all signed something and it had a hidden meaning. I am sorry because I was the one who made everyone sign it." Amanda said, and after she was done, I fainted, so she ran to caught me and laid me down and I came to, and started to cry. I was to marry my worst enemy Peter Smith. This has got to be a dream. ‘Wake Up Jessica! Wake Up!'

"Jess this is not a dream, it is real. We did not mean to do this to you, we thought we were signing something about a project and actually it was an arranged marriage form." Emily said. They all came to me and hugged me at once.

"Ok if this is real, then I will have to figure out what to do. If I have to marry him, then I wish to have the best wedding every. I want my dream wedding." I said making sense on all of what just happened.

"We totally agree. We will help you with everything." Lindsay said.

"Ok I am going to go get Peter and then you and he can talk for a while. We will stay with you if you want. Or not. Your call." Emily said.

"Can you guys say near us, please?" I asked.

"Of course we will" they said together. Emily ran off to go get Peter. It was a couple of minutes, till we saw them walking towards us. Once they got to us Peter toke my hand and we walked over to another table in the lunch room. He let my hand go and I sat down, he walked to the other side of the table and sat down too. We sat there looking at each other.

"So, I guess we have to get married." I finally said.

"Yea, I guess we do." He said back.

"So, was it your idea, for this arranged marriage? Was it your idea to ruin my life? I know it was your idea, come tell me. Was-" I was cut off by Peter putting his hand up.

"Well Hun, I do not believe I set this up. But I did have a little part in it. I mean if you count tell people I that we liked each other, and them believing me. And then finding the paper work for the arranged marriage, and giving them to my friends, so they could, um, how do I say this. Trick your friends. So if you count that then I only had a little part in it. My friends were the ones to get your friends to sign it." He said, and then smiled. While he said this I was getting madder and madder. I went to stand up and he grabbed my wrist really hard. "Sit back down...dear."

"One, do not call me dear, two, I will stand up when ever I want to, and third let go of my wrist. It is starting to hurt." Again I got up to leave and he tightened his grip. I pulled my arm harder and my wrist came out of his grip. Once I was out of the reach I ran towards my friends. I had not noticed but the table Peter and I were at was really far away from where my friends. Actually for some reason I did not know where my friends were. I looked around and I could not see them at all. Right as I turned around to find some thing I knew, (I know it sounds weird that I don't know where I am in my own school, but I was so out of my mind, I was upside-down in my own head,)  and there was Peter. He grabbed my hand and said.

"Now smile when we go back to our friends. Don't want them thinking you don't like me." He led to the table where both groups of friends were. I put on a big smile and waved to them. Once we got back, Peter pulled me into a hug and whispered, "I will call you later to talk. Bye hun," and then pulled me out of it and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Even though I did not like him, I blushed. After that he walked away, but with out coming back up to me and whispering something else in my ear, "Don't tell a sole Jessica Birdie, no one. Laugh hun." I did what he said and he smiled at me and then went off with his friends.

"Oh my gosh Jess, he seemed so nice. I would love to be married to him. Jessica why are you crying?" Amanda asked me. I just sat at there with my head in my hands and cried.

"Amanda would you walk me home please. I just want to go home. I will talk to you all later. I am sorry I just want to talk to Amanda." I said as Amanda helped me up, Kristen, Emily, and Lindsay patted me on the back as Amanda walked me home.

"So what do u want to talk about Jessy Girl. Is it about Peter?" She asked me. (Now I know I am not allowed to say anything but she is my best friend. She won't tell anyone.)

"Well yea, the whole marriage is a set up. He just wants to ruin my life. He even said so." I said. We were finally at my house. (I don't live that far from the school.)

"No it is not, I remember when you told me and the girls that you though he was the cutest thing. Don't you remember we were all in your room playing truth and dare. Hold on that's my mom." She opened up her phone, she talked for awhile. After a while she closed her phone and said, "I have to go, my mom said that I have to go home and help with dinner. We have someone coming over to dinner. I do not know who it is. Love you Jessy Girl." She hugged me and ran towards her house. I walked into my house and walked up to my room. I sat down on my bed and started to write in my journal.


End of Flashback


So yea that was how it happened. Right at this very moment I am sitting in my room writing this. Today Peter and his mom came over to talk to me and my mom about the wedding. I was like I want a huge wedding, big dress, reception, everything. I mean my family and his family are both rich. We are two of the handful of families who are rich and don't come from old money. (Old money goes back to like 10 generations.) My family made all of their money from our restaurant/café and the business me and my mom run. We make candles, lotions, some clothes, and we sell a lot of things people give, sell to us. We make most of out money from the café because we have about 5 of them around the towns we live in. My dad's grandparents opened the first one and then my dad open two mom, then the rest of the family open the other two. So of course we have money. His family made all of their money from a couple of things. His grandparents own a big record company, his dad now has part ownership, and he gets it when he is older. Also his parents own a couple bakeries; they make family recipes, and other well known things. He also has stock in a lot of big companies over the US. So of course we can afford a big wedding.

The events of that day were about 2 week ago. Peter and I have been talking a couple of times. I yelled at him almost every time we talked. He just got on my nerves so much I could not help yelling at him. I told him that I would try to make this work because we needed to. So we agreed that we could have our friends from school, work, family, and any one else we thought would like to come. It would be the talk of the town by the time the wedding came around. I had already had my maid of honor and my brides maids picked out. He also had his best man and grooms men picked too. At the meeting we were having today, we were talking about invites, and the reception. I wanted hand made invites done by some one in town, and he wanted them down a pro in New York. I forgot who he said he wanted. So what we agreed on was that half would be done here in town and the other half would be down in New York. It was cheaper that way. The next thing was the place to have the reception. I wanted to have it in the town square (I thought it would be really cute to have it out side.) He wanted to have it in the really big hotel in the next town over. My mom said we could have or practice dinner in the town and that we would have the reception in the hotel. (I am fine with that. I think it is better.) Now all we had to do was go to the hotel and work with them to get the menu, how we wanted the room to look, and did we want this or that. Tons of stuff for us to fight over. But there were a couple of things that he had no say over. That was my dress, my friends dresses, and the flower that we get to hold. I was glad to get away from some of the things. I mean I really did not want to fight with him, it was something I could not help doing.

About 2 day later we had to go to the hotel for the first meeting of like 4. Today we would to the menu so we can put it on the invites, and how many people were we expecting to have. We ended up picking a choice off steak with onions and mushrooms, with mashed potatoes and green beans. Or chicken with green beans and roasted potatoes. Our quests would have soup and salad, and the cake and a dessert buffet. Our cake would be like 5 levels, a very big cake. I wanted a cake that was white and pink, with flowers, and pearls. So I got what I wanted. The day at the hotel went really good. No fighting once. He was really sweet, but I wonder if he was putting on an act in front of other people.

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