End of the World

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A light appears inside a ruined bar during the end of the world.

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



The light on the ceiling blinked faster and faster, until it burst with life, blowing luminescence into the bar. The moon stopped itself, refusing to move, staring at the sudden light. A silhouette formed on the pale white skin of the moon, before flying straight to the bar. Landing exactly at the edge of the light and bowing its head as if to ask permission. Without an answer given, the silhouette decided to step inside the bar. It admired the fine details of what it saw. A destroyed room scattered with forgotten memories: A corpse laying on the counter with its body decayed and rotten, staying there for so long, now even the animals would avoid it - if there were any animals left. A gun lay next to it, rusted and old, no one to clean it or keep it company. It had simply lost the will to exist, resigning itself to the forces of nature. Much better than the rest of the room in retrospect. Termites had eaten away most of the edible wood years ago while the dust gave color to the environment. Ruined chairs, sharp broken glass and expired alcohol.

The wind outside was dying. Not that it mattered. The wind did no good to anyone anymore. The barren wasteland encircled the bar, with only the moon's reflected light giving objects their shape. Of course, the light inside the bar being the source. That was why the silhouette was here, it was expecting the light.

"Hello?" It asked.

The wind outside answered instead with a crack and a wisp sound. The silhouette scoffed, it had no tongue but it knew the light understood it. "Dirty, the room is dirty." It thought to itself. "Must clean it. No one will come otherwise." The silhouette clicked its fingers, letting the dust topple to the floor, gathering itself into the middle before flying out through the open door. Chairs began to rebuild themselves, regrowing whatever they were missing and floating to their suitable places. Glass formed and shielded the room from the cold, as well as the harsh noise of the wind. The corpse's flesh grew anew and hid the bones inside. Alas, no man came back to living. For while the body had no soul, no words could be spoken. The silhouette tinkered and meddled with the natural order of time, bringing back the bar's youth. A stark grim reminder of how things used to be compared to the present outside world.

"Now?" It asked.

The light flickered, letting itself loose from the cell of a light bulb. A flow of light flashing across the air towards the body. Entering through its eyes and leaving a heavenly glow. The body's eyes glowing sharp and staring straight at the visitor. The body raised itself off the counter, opening its mouth and letting loose another beam of light towards the silhouette. Unintentionally reshaping the silhouette and changing its body type. It hopped aside towards the darkness.

"Aha, hello." chimed the silhouette.

"What do you need?" spoke the body, facing away from the silhouette and focusing its gaze towards the walls. The shadows screeched, trying to escape the light as they best they could. Beams of light bounced all over, setting fire to the homes of the shadows. The silhouette never complained, moving itself hastily to avoid incineration.

"Well, I'm awfully sorry to say, but you need to leave." complained the silhouette, jumping onto a chair as to avoid the floor, corruption spreading the glow across the marble stone and painting the walls vividly with its bright colors.

"Why? I only now live." the body said.

"Me too" added the Silhouette. "Your existence created mine." Before it shifted to the wall, walking across in a two dimensional plane, straying to the counter.

"It's the end of the world, don't you know? The sun is gone and the Earth is about to die. The last organisms are dying. There's no point for another light anymore. Soon we'll be gone too, and we wouldn't want you to be all alone."

The body blinked its eyes, giving the silhouette some breathing time in the millisecond of darkness.

"All is ending? Why do I exist?" It asked.

"No idea, we don't know why you exist or from where you came." The silhouette said with a morose tone.

The earth's rocks shook in defiance. Dirt and rocks mixing in between each other, a loud rumbling roar that strayed from its path and rushed towards the bar. Families of earth argued with each other, soon the verbal fighting turned physical and then they separated. Leaving a gaping hole in its stead. Cliffs formed with an abyss below all in the outback circling the bar. Curiously, it was left untouched, letting the home become a refugee.

"It's the end. Going to leave?" The silhouette spoke to the light. It had no shape and always faced the light. If it weren't for the fact they were the only two in the room, things could become confusing.

"Leave?" The body closed its eyes. It did not want to see what the world had become to. So little time, and it was already the end.

"I do not want to leave." The light responded, unintentionally vomiting out a beam of light into the room again.

"Who does? But you are light. You can go anywhere in the universe, you're really fast. Don't you know? You light the dark and give life to shadows." The silhouette hastily replied.

"Where will I go?" The body said.

"Our world is dying, but there are many more in life." The silhouette gleefully said. There are worlds that need light, who suffer without it. Find one, make it your child and care for it until you are gone."

"What about you?" Asked the light.

"When you are gone, I won't exist and we shall be I. When our world ends, so do we." The silhouette pointed to the exit, where the earth was crashing against itself and shaking the world. The moon was blissfully ignoring of the damage below it, staying still on the horizon with its pale snow glow. The glow being a reflection of the light from the tavern and nothing more. "We do not mind being gone. It is the same as never having existed in the first place."

"What of your help? Without your help, I would not know where to go." The light argued.

"That is true. Teach your own moon how to help the next light that comes on your world. It won't know where to go when you are gone." The silhouette said.

The body suddenly collapsed against the counter, losing the light that kept it alive. The soul siphoning out of its mouth and vanishing from the tavern. A soft whisper passing through the wind. "I will."

"It's nice when the cycle works out." The silhouette quipped as the light while vanishing. Without the light, it could not exist. The tavern began to fall apart, ripping itself into two, three and four parts as the wood aged rapidly. Becoming the same as it was in the present, rather than the beginning. None of it mattered. For the roaring abyss caused by the earthquake swallowed the bar whole.

The Earth tried to keep itself whole, continents forming together again before splitting. The water boiling and evaporating into the space. It had aged so much, and without the light that gave it energy, it couldn't last any longer.

"Please... Can I have more time?" begged the Earth.

"You've had plenty of time." was the reply.

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