Beautiful season or Dangerous disaster

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Falling in love is a part of our life. Some people say love is a the most beautiful season and some people say love is the most dangerous disaster. Different people have different point of views about love. Ask yourself, is love is the most beautiful season or the most dangerous disaster.

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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Submitted: April 15, 2012



Dr. Alex is rushing to operation room. There he sees a lady is shouting in pain. It’s time for delivery. Once his sight hit her, he starts to shiver and nervous. He calm down and start his work. After 15 minutes, he has completed. He does the report and goes to his room.

Then Dr. Jasmine, Dr Alex’s assistant come to his room and suggests going out for lunch. But Alex refuses it. Jasmine forces Alex to go for lunch because she has something to talk personally to him. At one moment, he shouted to Jasmine and asks to leave him alone. She with depressed decide to leave his room. By the time she touch the door knob, Alex called her and said sorry. Then he decided to go out for lunch with her. Jasmine’s smile comes back to her. Alex smile too.

While driving, Alex asks apologies to Jasmine again. Then she says it doesn’t matter. Then at 1 moment she says that she wants to talk something personal to him. He smile and say ok. His smile gives a huge support for her. They reached to a restaurant. They ordered their food. While waiting for ordered food, she starts to talk to him. She says that she loves him so much. She wants to be assistant forever for him not only as a doctor but also as his wife. She says she likes him because of his characters. And finally she says she will be happy if he accepts her into his life.

Once she finishes talking, he smiles to her and say that he expected this thing will happen one day. But he never expected to happen early. She starts to wonder what he means. Then Alex says that he has to share his past stories to her so that she never will magnify her dream of living with him.

Alex say that when he was 22 years old he fall in love with a girl. She is 20 years old at that time. The first time he meets her at campus. He is studying at medical faculty. She is doing her economy studies there. He says she is very beautiful. One day, Alex was going to canteen to take breakfast with his friends. At that time he saw a girl is asking sorry to her senior because she lost her senior’s book. Then a group of seniors came and start rags her. She starts to cry in front of everybody. Alex goes to the seniors and asks them to stop doing that. The senior say that he bought that book for high price, very expensive. Then Alex pays the money. After some time, they warned her and took his money. They go away. Alex brings that girl and introduces each other. On that day onwards they become very close friend. They go out together. Day by day they are getting closer n closer.

ALEX and JASMINE start to eat the ordered food. He continues…..

On valentine day, Alex planned to propose to her. Actually on the first day he saw her love blossom. But he doesn’t know how to approach her. And finally he decides to propose on valentine day. Tomorrow is valentine day. He called her to canteen where the first time he saw her. Then he proposed to her. She gets shocked and says she never expected this from him. She says he humiliates the name of friendship and refused him. He gets damn upset. He was standing there as a pole for a moment. She left him. He cried. Then he decided to express his feeling by message her. He sends a message to her. He asks her how she will react if he proposes on the 1st day he saw her. Then he say sure you will reject me. So I planned to be close with you first. Then he says but the tragedy is you feel my love as a friendship. He says he truly loves her. He says he will take care of her until his last breathe. Finally he say if you think there is a place in your heart for me just let me know by today because I want this world to celebrate our love day together in conjunction with valentine day. I will wait for you at canteen.

But the sad part is she never replies him anything. Even though, she never reply he still wait for her at canteen. Time is 12.02 am. She still never comes to canteen. With depressed Alex start to walk away. Suddenly he heard a person called his name. He turned with excited. It was her. He becomes very happy. He goes near to her. She smile at him and say others no need to celebrate our love day but let’s we celebrate others love which fail. He become very happy and hugs her.

They love each other so much. Sometime they fight and attached back. They understand each other. When everything goes smoothly, suddenly her father gets to know that his daughter went out with a boy for dinner. Things get very serious. Her father came to restaurant and scolds her. At that moment Alex gets pissed and shouts at her father. Her father slapped him in public area and pulled his daughter to his car. The car went so far from him. Alex failed to chase her. Suddenly a car hit Alex. He falls into a big drain.

He was admitted in hospital. Nothing is wrong to his life but he got injured his back bone and head. About 15 days he was in coma. After 15 days, he awake. He feel so sad when get to know he separated from his girlfriend. He goes to his college in rush and asks the principle about her. The sad part is the girl was stopped studying at that college. Her father brought her and sent her other place to study. He broke his heart. He cried. He feels his life is end. He doesn’t know where her father sent her. His life becomes a big question mark. Then he tries to forget everything and continue his life. After 3 years he graduates as obstetrician. He starts to work and earn but he fixes to his decision that not going to marry anyone.

After listening his story, Jasmine starts to cry. Then Alex makes her relax and they finish their lunch. While driving Alex say sorry because he disappointed her. She say sorry too because she make him sad. He smiles again. Then she asks him whether he meet his girlfriend again or not. He says yes he met. Jasmine shock and happy. She say wow so sweet and ask where and when he met her? He says after 5 years he met her again. She asks where. He says just now at hospital before going out for lunch. She shocked and asks his girlfriend name. He says Jessica. She shocked terribly because Jessica is the patient who was delivery just now by Alex. Jasmine cannot take it and cry again. While driving Alex tears fall.

They reached to hospital. Alex goes to his room. He sits and relaxes his mind. He does not want to recall his past again. Suddenly Jasmine rushed to Alex and say that Jessica is in danger. Alex rushed to Jessica immediately. There Jessica is fine. Jasmine looks at Alex and says NEVER ENDING LOVE, Alex. He realize that Jasmine tell everything to Jessica. Jasmine says I don’t want you to regret after Jessica discharge, Alex. Just spend some time with her. And she just walks away from that room. Jessica looks at Alex and cry. She asks for forgiveness. She says she tries her best to find out details about Alex but failed. She was sent to her grandmother house which very far from her previous place. Later her father chooses a guy and forces her to marry him. And now she is wife for another person. Alex just smiles while his tears fall. He says he thanked God because at least now he can spend some time with her. He wishes her good luck for her life. He asks Jessica to be happy always and forget the past. Appreciate your current life. Be happy with your baby. He smiles happily.

She asks him why Alex never marries any other girl. She felt so depressed and guilty when seeing him as bachelor. He says he already marries. She gets shocked and says that Jasmine told her Alex still bachelor. Then Alex says I marry my job. He ask Jessica whether she remember that one day she say she want her future husband, Alex to do the delivery when Jessica is pregnant. She shakes her head up and down smoothly by bending her head downwards. He says he also thanked God for this opportunity. Jessica cries and grips Alex hand. She asks for sorry with so depress. She washes Alex’s hand with her tears. Alex smiles and touches her head. He says whatever happens our love never end. Then he asks her to take rest. He goes to the door and turns once and says NEVER ENDING LOVE, Jessica. He smile at her and left that room. He goes to Jasmine room. There he sees Jasmine is upset because she lost Alex. He says thanks to her and wishes all the best for her future life. She smiles while tears fall and shake her head up and down. He left her room and back to his room.

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