The liquidation

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Ultra short story on a man that discovers one day he is made of liquid

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012




Mr. Smith, a weird man who seemed totally normal, unexpectedly discovers one day that he is made of liquid. It escaped his attention so far, as everybody else is made out of at least 70% water, depending on their BMI, but a kid somehow noticed it.

Suddenly, he is made aware that he is more flexible than others, and can go in and out of situations others can't enter or get stuck in. He is always in motion, and doesn't ever really manage to  grabs on or hold anything. Until now, he thought that's simply his character, but this fucking annoying kid somehow managed to see through him (apparently, it's so easy) and raised his attention, and now he can't ignore it anymore. Nothing really changed. Actually, everything make more sense now, and there are even clear AIs to follow. But he feels lost. He has no idea what to do. There are hardly any good sources for suggesting what a liquid man does when he is lost. He loses focus for a second, and a large warm tear goes down his chick. Weird, he has never cried before. It was too late when he realized the consequence. The tear does not dry, as a dirty trail of dust on the side of his face. Instead, like a snow avalanche, it feeds on his body as it quickly slides on it as if on an ice skating blade. It's already too late when he understands that he is morphing into a turbulence, a mess, a small pool, and then a stain on the grey asphalt road. 

Many years has passed since I was that boy, who unintentionally saw through ordinary Mr. Smith. The sun, rains, and winds have toyed with his stain ever since to the point of no return. Still, every time when it rains, I can smell him and feel pieces of him touching me, leaving a dirty trail of dust down the side of my face.

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