The resurrection of Zeus

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A very special day in the life of Zeus

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012




It was a fine April afternoon, with a lot of light and a bit of wind, when Zeus went down for one of his conquering quests. She was the most ideal beautiful girl, as if designed for himself by himself. It turned to a memorable April afternoon as Zeus went out of his usual habit, and found himself fucking and treating her like a goddess, like never before. As he was done, a mythical thunderstorm was forming, with his lightning rod sparking unexpected fire. Feeling like a god, he looks at the sky and opens his mouth to roar, so hard and so loud that the storm will be scared away. A thought passes through his mind and body, that for the first time, he will not turn this magical girl to a plant or to an animal, but rather make her immortal and take her up with him to the olympus as an eternal goddess. However, when he opens his mouth with the intent of trembling the heavens and earth - no sound is heard, just a crazy evil laughter, as he is being transformed. He has been turned in to a unique type of snail, which unwillingly changes his gender, based on the preference of an abusive plant who fucks it. Unfortunately, that plant is the only thing he can digest, and hunger pains turn to  be horrifying. He tries to understand who that girl is as she fades and disappears laughing - is she his wife in disguise? one of the women he abused? A relative perhaps? An evil stranger? A messenger of one of the other gods? A creation of his own turning on him? He can't tell, it's hard to see (and concentrate) from the place and angle of a snail being fucked by a bi-sexual bi-polar plant.

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