One More Chance Yet One More Dream?

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Jamie may actually have the chance to meet her famous yet gorgeous rockstar that has the most amazingly different spirit.

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



Scene 1


( Jamie stands in the kitchen with earphones in her ears and cooking breakfast for  her mother,father and big brother.Her brother enters stage left.Jamie is very distracted by her music and doesn't even notice that he walked into the room.Damion walks near her and pushes her out of the way to get to his favorite seat.Finally, noticing that he has entered jamie turns around takes the earphones out of  her ears and faces damion)

Jamie-Why would you do that you retard?

Damion-Why are you dancing in the kitchen like a baby on crack?

Jamie-Why are you even taking to me?

Damion- You were already talking to me.If you remember?

Jamie- Shut up.(looks around)Where's mom and dad, I made them breakfast.

Damion- Their still getting dressed.Until then where's my food?

Jamie- Oh I'm sorry.( turning around and grabs a box of cereal and a bowl)Breakfast!

Damion-Thanks.(looks unsatisfied)

(The mother and father walk in stage right wearing their work clothes)

Mother and Father- Good morning.


Jamie-Good morning you guys.

Mother- Thank you so much for making breakfast for us honey.

Jamie- Anything for you guys.

Father-(looks at the bowl of cereal)Well,damion I can see that you had a splendid breakfast.

Damion-(rolls eyes)

Jamie- Mr.Bad attitude over here decided to get an attitude with me.So I rewarded him with the best gift anyone could recieve.

Mother- I'm proud of you honey.You have to stand up and take charge.

Damion- Whatever.If you don't mind I'm leaving.

(He walks out stage left with an empty stomach)

Father - Honey you don 't have to worry about the dishes your brother will do them when he comes home.

Mother- Now you run along and go to school.(they hug and she leaves stage right)

(The scene switches to them sitting on the bench waiting for the bus.Damion sits their waiting while jamie has just arrived but. only has the earphones back in her ears.)

Damion-Could you stop dancing like a crazy person.

Jamie-(ignores)Hit me with your best shot!Why don't you hit me with your best shot!Hit me with your best shot!Fire away!

Damion-(covers ears)


Damion-(Takes the earphones out of her ears)Shut Up!Your embarrasing me.

Jamie-(looks him up and down)yeah,I'm embarrasing you.

(Sierra enters stage left)



Sierra- Did you do the homework for mrs.gradstein yet?

Jamie- Yeah.I did it the day it was assigned.You had enough time to do it.

Sierra-Homework is a sunday problem.

Jamie-Why don't you think about that.When you fail.

Sierra-I will.But,atleast I'll fail with dignity.

Jamie-Good Luck With That.

Damion-Do you too mind.

Sierra-No, you can stay.

Damion-(rolls his eyes again).

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