Mommy's And Daddy's Little One And A Half Angel

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This wasn't how my life was suppose to be. I was suppose to love life, not want to end it. This day, one full of the infernal fires from Hades, one that held so many tears, one where I broke my mother's heart, and mended it back together with wide uneasy stitches'. This day, was March 18, 2007. My seventh grade year in a place I thought I could call home.

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Just The Beginnning

Submitted: August 14, 2009

"I'm so close," I thought, "I won't have to hurt them anymore..." They were going to know what I was hiding, why I was, and for I long I was. My family was going to know what was happening to me and how much denial I was being put through. They had to, or the consequences might have been vital.
*Names have been changed. Read Chapter

Just The Beging Part Two

Submitted: August 14, 2009

Part Two: She leveled her brown orbs with mine. "No you're not." I knew I wasn't fooling anyone. It was that obvious that I did... Read Chapter