A blue print of life

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A blue print of life

Submitted: June 06, 2010

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Submitted: June 06, 2010



A blue Print of life,

laughter, joy, happiness,peace, love,hate, lust, lies,and faith,goodness,kindness,humor,pride,church, tide,and lies,a smile from my hello,

some high some low,puppy love,eating on the go.to having a career,or growing my hair,the many tears we cried,bitterness of goodbyes,holding on to ur dreams,

failure and triumth, falling in and out of love,a touch and feeling of the butterfiles,each time we kiss,passion,a sweet, warm,tender,moments,going places,playing sports,sharing.

a picnic basket,hot sweat,steamy nites,oh i like it wen ur soacking wet,a gentle handshake, the beautiful,morning sun peeping though my window pane,the falling of the rain,watching the rainbow,

working hardfor ur family,having fun,its a slow summer night,oh ur looking good from head to ur feet,tonight,lets dance,when the stars are bright,signs of love in the air,friends and strangers,the blooming

of the wild roses at the side of the road, bees,take away the sweet pollen and tasty nectar, a cocktail drink at the bar, oh there ur,the glory and joy of a new born baby as she cried,natures way of smiling and making,

everything alright,the fresh air we breathe,as we search for divine,purpose andlove,so essential,blood sweat,tears, sorrows,and thepassing of a friend,a dying tomorrow.We are what we are children of evoluton,as we

revolutionize,and organize, and evolve,component of life,live and die, we sing the blues,and fight the wars for our freedom,liberty,though pain and tragedy,and some compromise,heaven, hell and paradise,this is what we are,a

a real blue print of life,heaven help us all, We are creatures of the creator,

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