A penny a day

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A penny a day,fantasy

Submitted: February 03, 2009

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Submitted: February 03, 2009



SmileyHedgeA penny a day,Teddy

A penny a day i tossed into that old wishing well,of love spell, hoping to see my love again. I think its worth the cost, if i have to search in hell,for the love i lost,

my heart is so sad oh but ,i need u.to make me feel glad, how i miss ur smile and laughter,, 

i miss ur, sweet unforgetable honey glazed tasty,soft lips, I can still hear your soft whispering,

voice saying , I love you baby each day,and night, A penny a day i tossed into that old wishing well,cuz i miss your,love oh so desperatly,

oh how I need ur sweet,enticing,exciting, love, I just need to break this spell of loneliness, cuz i miss the smell and scent of your beautiful skin, your blowing in the wind,

ur wild hibiscus eyes, ur sunfllower presents,, ur gorgeous neck and feet, oh how i miss that sexy look in ur eyes,.i miss ur warm embraced,,ur soft kissable face,,

u make me smile with joy, A penny a day i tossed into that old wishig well,  moma said there'l be days like this,its alright son,maybe someday she'll return into ur arms again.

if u just keep tossing more  pennys a day,into that old wishing well, u"ll soon dicovered, ur life will change,,  someday she'll come back home,and u will never be alone,

oh a penny a day i still tossed into that old wishing well, for my love to come home again.

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